A mantra for Patience, Tolerance & Compassion

Compassion, patience and tolerance, essential ingredients to live a peaceful and centred life. But what to do when you don't feel this, and those around you push your buttons and get on your nerves? Ask yourself this question first: Am I able to feel compassionate, patient and tolerant towards myself? In case other people trigger you a lot, the answer most probably is no. 


When you embark on the spiritual path you start your journey inward, the most important journey of your life! A lot of times this inward journey starts when we learn that nothing in the material world can give us true fulfilment or we suffer from the law that in this material plane nothing stays, everything comes and goes. We win, we loose, We are in love, we are heartbroken. We feel at peace, we feel very disturbed. The fact you are reading this blog right now is a clear sign the whispering of your soul is coming through, telling you you won't find it out there. All you ever need lies within. This can sound like an absolute cliche, but when you are strung out by life, tired of experience after experience, you will answer the call and start the journey home.


No turning back

Once you set the first step on this path there is no turning back. Along the way you will make beautiful discoveries and you will also come face to face with all the 'nasty' stuff. Core limiting beliefs you have allowed to rule your life for a long time for example, judgements that can no longer be justified, pain you have carried with you for many years and now just wants to be acknowledged and healed. This can be quite tough and you need to be determined here, determined and honest AND you need compassion, patience and tolerance to honour your process! Chipping away all that you are not, but you may have believed yourself to be, can be a confusing and painful process, but it is so worth the while. If you honour every step you make, every small victory upon victory, you are doing it!


Your biggest ally

Your big ally on this journey is your daily practice. You are creating a new habit, that instead of alienating you from yourself, brings you back to yourself again and again. This new constructive habit is the best antidote to (self) destructive habits that may have been with you for decades. Remember, it is not a one time thing! This old stuff will be very stubborn because it has been your survival mode. Now it is time to unlearn this and open yourself for a new possibility. You need to start offering the alternative to your anxious mind.


From the known to the Unknown

On the spiritual path you move from the known to the Unknown and yes this can be scary because our rational minds want to know what is going to happen next. The truth of the matter is: we don't! We cannot control anything, but we can use our practice to allow us to fall back into trust. We are here for you! If you feel the calling to incorporate a daily practice into your life, but you don't know how or you struggle doing it all by yourself, become part of our loving community and connect with fellow yogi's from all over the world who are in this with you! You have to make the commitment yourself but you don't have to do it alone!


Guru Gaitri Mantra

A great mantra to work with when you are encountering impatience, intolerance and frustration is the Guru Gaitri Mantra. It consists of eight words (sounds) that resonate the qualities of the Divine and ist it is part of a beautiful lyrical poem (prayer) by Guru Gobind Singh.

Gobinday - Sustainer
Mukanday - Liberator
Udaaray - Enlightener
Aaparay - Infinite
Hariang - Destroyer
Kariang - Creator
Nirnaamay - Nameless
Akaamay - Desireless

When in need of compassion, tolerance and patience this is your mantra! It cleanses the subconscious mind and balances the hemispheres of the brain. It empowers you with the capacity to break through deep-seated blocks. How? Don't give this to your mind, but chant with devotion, know that you are invoking these Divine qualities that will elevate you!


A teaching with Marieke

If you would like to hear more about this and learn two more meditations with breath and mudra you can watch this livestream video with Marieke as part of our weekly 'Meditation Monday' sessions. You are most welcome to start your weekly consciously with us.