Awaken your consciousness with the Mul Mantra

The Mul Mantra was given to the world by Guru Nanak, an enlightened master who lived over 500 years ago. In a few words he captured the working of the Divine. What does it say?


This mantra shows you there is only One, existing within everything that exists, which means also inside of you. This may be one of the hardest things for us as human beings to accept. We are spirit in form. And everything and everyone around you is this one and the same spirit. Truly embracing yourself as a divine being, one with the source, is all about self-acceptance, self love. You are not just a part of God, God is nowhere outside of you, you are God.


Mul Mantra translated as a positive affirmation

Ek Ong Kar - I am one with all that is
Sat Nam - Truth is my name
Karta Purakh - I am the doer of everything
Nirbhau - I am fearless
Nirvair - I am without vengeance
Akal murat - I am deathless
Ajooni - I am infinite
Saibhang - I am self existent
Gur prasad - This knowing is a blessing that sets me free
Jap - Meditate
Aad sach - I am before time
Jugad sach - I am throughout all the ages
Hai bhi sach - I am forever true
Nanak hosi bhi sach - I am true now


Divine power

The source, spirit, is the doer of all, the emanating power in all that exists, all that you can perceive. So ultimately it is also the power behind each and everything you do, the power that makes you breathe, the power that made you develop in your mother’s womb. It’s all a divine play.


Recalibrate yourself towards truth

This source of all that exists is self-existing, meaning it was never born, of itself it has no shape but it expresses itself in unlimited forms and shapes. It will never die, it doesn’t know anger, hatred or fear. This doesn’t mean that we as the divine incarnated do not know these emotions, we do! And that is okay. But the invitation is to not let ourselves be ruled by these emotions and to recalibrate, to tune ourselves again and again to truth of what we are. 



Guru Nanak gives one very clear pointer in this mantra, this is the word: Jap! To recite, to meditate. Use the sacred words to refine your mind, to help your wandering mind to turn its outward focus back within. This is where you can experience yourself in a way that you cannot describe in words. That timeless sense of being, that which has never come and will never go. That which you can experience through your physical body, when you are willing to make the journey within, when you do your jappa (meditation or reciting a mantra). Feeling this source within yourself can give you so much peace and joy, and helps you tap into a timeless source of energy, it’s like you become a co-creator with the Universe to help bring this peace into the world and to serve others.


You are here by Grace

When you can acknowledge that you are not here by the will of your ego, but that there is much greater sacred energy behind your existence, you can open yourself up for the touch of Grace, and get to experience that there is no heaven after death, heaven is right here and now!


Always and forever true

This truth is always true, a truth cannot be true one day and be something else the next. The essence of truth is that is doesn’t change. Your body changes, your life changes, everything changes, but that what you truly are does not!


Make the step towards your True Self

Mul Mantra are the opening words of Japji a century old poem called ‘Japji’ written by Guru Nanak, in total Japji consists of 40 steps (pauris), pearls of wisdom that point you towards the truth of of who you are. Each and every pauri is a step towards your True Self and all 40 of them have their own specific healing and transformational power.