Last modified: May, 2018

Privacy Policy


Kundalini Yoga School V.O.F recognizes that your privacy is very important, and we take it seriously. The Privacy Policy applies to both our website (, and our subscription service (-i.e. Inspiration emails). This privacy policy describes our policies and procedures about the collection, use, disclosure, and sharing of your personal information or personal data when you use the Kundalini Yoga School website. Kundalini Yoga School V.O.F is the data controller for your personal information collected through the Kundalini Yoga School website.

If you do not agree with the data practices described in this Privacy Policy, this website should not be used nor any of the Subscription Services.


The information we collect

We collect information directly from individuals, and automatically through the use of our services. The information we collect directly from individuals: email-address, name, contact details, phone # (optional), company details (optional) and payment details.

Information we get from the use of our services: This information is primarily non personally identifying information of the type that web browsers and services like Google Analytics typically make available (-i.e. language, browser type, referring site, duration of visit, to name a few). Other non-identifying information that we might have access to include how you make use of our website, cookies, your approximate location, etc. This non personally identifying information is collected in order to better understand how visitors make use of our services and how we can continually improve visitors’ experience.


How we use the information

We use the information you provide about yourself to fulfill your order for our services, to respond to your inquiries about your order and to notify you about the status of your order.

We use the data of Members in the following way:

  • Email-address: to login to the website, to send you a confirmation of the order, online guidance emails (sadhanas), invoices and further correspondence.
  • Password: to login to the website you will need a password. (The password is remembered by the subscription software and is not visible for administrators.)
  • Name: to be able to answer your response and for invoicing.
  • Address, Postal code, City (required), Company details (not mandatory): to send the invoice and for our administration, to comply with the statutory obligations.

Other data records of members:

  • Payment and invoice details: for our subscription administration, to comply with the statutory administration obligations.
  • Start and End date of subscription: for our subscription administration.
  • (Free) Inspiration Emails: To receive the (free) inspirational e-mails we need your Name and Email address. You can ‘unsubscribe’ at any time below every email.


Who has access to your data

To begin with, Kundalini Yoga School V.O.F does not sell, trade, or rent personal data to third parties for marketing purposes. In order to render our services, there is data that we will need to share with third-party service providers -i.e. “Data processors.” These third parties act as Data Processors within the meaning of the relevant privacy legislation.

  • Website Hosting / development: Our hosting provider hosts your data in the Netherlands. The website developer only has incidental access to your data if this is necessary for the execution of the development/ management.
  • Emails Service: We use Email marketing software to manage our emails and your data.
  • Payment Service: Your payment details are being processed by a payment provider.
  • Accounting Services: Our invoicing and administration runs by an online accounting software. Our accountants have access to your data to process our administration.
  • Legal advisers: In the event of a legal dispute, we may be obliged to pass on details to a legal advisor and use them in legal proceedings. In doing so, we will only pass on the data that are necessary in connection with the legal procedure.
  • Government agencies: If we are legally obliged to do so, we must pass on your details to government agencies, for example to the tax authorities.


How long do we keep your data

Your personal data will be kept for as long as this is strictly necessary for the purposes that were described above in this privacy policy.


Are you aware of your rights

If and when we process your personal data, you still remain the owner of your data. Therefore, you are in your right to do the following:

  • Access your Information: You can request information at anytime from us about data from you that we have stored.
  • Deletion: You can request at anytime from us that we delete your personal data.
  • Rectifying: You can request at anytime from us that we rectify or supplement your personal data if you believe that this personal data is incorrect (or incomplete).
  • Data portability: In the event that we process your personal data digitally, you can request at anytime the transfer of your personal data.


Choices in relation to personal data

We offer all of our members the opportunity to view, change, or delete all personal information as mentioned above.
Customize/ unsubscribe to Inspiration Emails: At the bottom of each email you receive from us, you will find the possibility to unsubscribe.

Adjust/ Unsubscribe Communication: If and when you wish to adjust your data or take any form of action related to personal information, you can contact us directly for this. See the contact details below.

Cookie Policy

About Cookies

Kundalini Yoga School V.O.F makes use of “cookies” (text files placed on your computer). These cookies are in place in order to enhance user comfort and also make our website as useful and functional as possible. One of the purposes of our cookies is to make sure that our website works in an optimal way; we collect data for research in order to gain better insights into our customers and how they make use of our website. Our cookies do not obtain personal identifiable information (-i.e. telephone numbers or email addresses). Therefore, our cookies can’t be used for email or telemarketing actions.

We makes use of the following types of cookies

  • Functional Cookies: These cookies ensure that our website works properly. These cookies may store the name of your browser, the type of computer and technical information about the way you are connected to our website. All this information is ultimately used to facilitate (technically speaking) the navigation as well as use of our website. Lastly, these cookies can be used to store personal settings such as language.
  • Analytics: These cookies enable us to measure the usage of our website and are placed by Google Analytics to measure the number of visits and the elements of the website that are most popular among visitors. All in all, this information is aggregated to ultimately improve the content displayed in our website as well as the user experience. Analytical cookies also measure how you found our websites so as to measure the effectiveness of email campaigns, advertisements or AdWords.
  • Advertising cookies via Facebook and third-party sites: These cookies are used to display a personalized news feed and advertisements based on your website navigation behavior when you visit Facebook and other third-party sites. If you have not agreed to this Privacy and Cookie Policy, it is still possible that Kundalini Yoga School ads appear on other sites and in your social media newsfeed.
  • Social media cookies: These cookies are used to share the website’s content on social media or any related website. You may share parts of our website on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, to name a few. Via these cookies, you are enabled to do so.


Delete cookies

Cookies do not store your personal data, but usually do process your IP address. If you do not want cookies to be stored on your computer or if you wish to delete cookies that have already been stored, you can arrange this via the settings screen in your browser settings (how to adjust these settings differs per browser).


Changes to this privacy and cookie policy

Kundalini Yoga School V.O.F can change this privacy and cookie policy at its own discretion and at any time. If and when this is done, we will update the latest date on top of the page. Therefore, we do encourage you to check regularly on this page and see if any changes have come into effect. This way, you will be kept informed of how we contribute to protecting your personal data.



If you have questions about this Privacy and Cookie Policy or the practices of this website, do not hesitate to contact us at:

Kundalini Yoga School V.O.F,
Kastanjeplein 5-HS,

1092 CH Amsterdam,
+31 (0)6 82 94 03 28