Kundalini Yoga School brings focus into your practice to deepen your experience

Kundalini Yoga is a yogic practice with a holistic approach. It directly increases your awareness and has a beneficial impact on your physical and mental health. Kundalini Yoga is a dynamic form of yoga that makes use of the following techniques:


  • Kriya: a sequence of yogic exercises with specific effects
  • Pranayama: breathing techniques
  • Mantra: ­vibration of word and sound
  • Mudra: ­hand positions
  • Meditation

Kundalini Yoga School is your online guide to a daily yoga practice 

Commitment to a daily Kundalini Yoga practice helps you to realize that the mind was given to you as a tool, but it’s not who you are. With the guidance that we offer on Kundalini Yoga School you can have a direct experience of your ‘beingness' that doesn’t need or want anything, that just is. This is the experience of one's Self as Truth, a Truth which is beyond all notions of duality. 
Kundalini Yoga School is here to motivate and inspire you, it is your commitment that sets the foundation of your Self­ discovery.

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