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Meditation | for the Neutral Mind

Through this meditation you gain the experience and capacity to go into deep meditative consciousness. It will help you to strengthen the Neutral Mind and move you from the finite to infinity.

Mantra: Wahe Guru

Style : Mantra
Duration : 0 – 15 min.


Start your 40 day Sadhana

Sadhana | Awaken your Destiny 

We all have a divine purpose, discover yours! A 40 day Online Sadhana to get to know yourself through the numbers of your date of birth, unraveling the Tantric Numerology. Your daily Kundalini Yoga practice and the daily guidance via email will give you clarity, direction and many new insights to discover your path and live your destiny. Read more

Guidance: 40 days
To awaken to your 10 bodies
Meditation: Laya Yoga meditation