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Group Sadhana | Expansion

In this Sadhana we meditate for 22 days to stimulate the pituitary gland. This gland situated at the location of the third eye (between the eyebrows) impacts your growth on three levels, physical, spiritual and intellectual. This practice will increase your intuition and align yourself with your innermost being.

Start: Anytime
Email Guidance: 22 days
for Expansion (11 min) 


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Sadhana | Awaken your Destiny

A 40 day Online Sadhana to guide you towards more understanding about who you are and why you are here. We all have a divine purpose, discover yours! Gain a new experience of your potential, power and creativity. Your daily practice of the Kundalini Yoga Kriya and Meditation will awaken you to your complete self and bring your soul and destiny present. Get to know yourself through the numbers of your date of birth, unraveling the Tantric Numerology. The daily guidance via email will teach you step by step to create clarity, give you direction and many new insights to help you discover your path and live your destiny.

Start: Anytime
Email Guidance: 40 days
To awaken to your 10 bodies
Meditation: Laya Yoga meditation


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Sadhana | Detox Sadhana/ Reset your body

Spring time is the perfect time to Detox your body. In this 22 days Sadhana you are guided towards a healthy lifestyle with a delicious Spring Detox. We do not vast or only drink juices. You can eat as much as you like, we are just going to eat super healthy and nutritious. The daily guidance will make sure your Spring Detox is going to be a success and you will receive many yummy recipes. The effect of this Detox will be enhanced by your daily Kundalini Yoga practice. We suggest several detox meditations and a Kriya, you can choose one of them according to your available time.

Kriya: for detoxification
Email Guidance: 22 days
Start: Anytime


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Sadhana | Going Beyond + Japji

In this 40 day Sadhana we are going on a transcendental journey with a daily practice of an ancient sequence of meditative exercises (30 minutes) in combination with the exploration of an century old poem called ‘Japji’. This poem, written by Guru Nanak, an enlightened master living in the 15th century, explains us the working of the Universe and the Divine in 40 steps (pauris). Every day these pearls of wisdom will point you towards the truth of of who you are and will transcend your perception of reality step by step, making it a deep spiritual experience.

Kriya: for transcendence
Email Guidance: 40 days
Start: Anytime

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Sadhana | Infinite Trust

A true feeling of security can never be found in something or someone. When we feel a sense of trust within us we can expand it to all areas of our lives and experience how we are being taken care of, always. This gives the chance to deeply relax and rejoice and truly start to enjoy the adventure of life. For 40 days we offer you the chance to discover, reflect and grow your awareness with daily guidance via email and Kundalini Yoga.

Meditation: To develop Trust
Online Guidance: 40 days
Start: Anytime



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Sadhana | Roots for Life

In this 11 day course we are diving deep into our roots through discovering and working with the first three chakras (lower triangle) to understand more about our habits, instincts and desires. Through the daily practice of this 11 minutes meditation energy that was blocked in unresolved issues can start be used for new creativity, vitality and dedicated action serving your higher good.

Meditation: for the Lower Triangle
Email Guidance: 11 days
Start: Anytime



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Sadhana | De-stress yourself

Nowadays we find it much and much harder to properly recover from stress, we are constantly ‘on’. Our brains are overstimulated by a continuous stream of information and this enduring stress is what is causing a lot of people to suffer from burnout, anxiety, depression, lack of vitality and energy. This 9 minutes practice creates glandular control and changes the body chemistry to get out of the overdrive, helps your body and mind to relax and restore your energy.

Meditation: Relief from Stress
Online Guidance: 22 days
Start: Anytime



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Sadhana | Abundance & Prosperity

Open yourself from within for Abundance & Prosperity by becoming aware of what is blocking you to experience abundance in your life. For 11 days you will receive inspiring and uplifting guidance while you practice the beautiful Kriya ‘Open up for Opportunities’ to help you attract what serves your higher good and the highest good of all.

Kriya: Open up for Opportunities
Online guidance: 11 days
Start: Anytime



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Sadhana | Purify your Mind

For 11 days we are deeply looking into the workings of the mind and train your ability to observe it rather than identify yourself with it. Thus you can liberate yourself out of the maze of the mind. As a result you recognise and feel the flow of life and together we develop the courage to act upon it.

Meditation*: Mental Purity
Daily guidance: 11 days
Start: Anytime



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Sadhana | The Knowing Heart

For 11 days we will discover the wisdom, the power and the strength of our heart. With a powerful meditation the heart will be opened and the daily guidance emails will bring you to the inner most sacred space where you can drop into silence and let the inner voice of wisdom, talk to you.

Meditation: The Original You
Online guidance: 11 days
Start: Anytime





Thanks a million times for the most amazing guidance through this 40 day sadhana. I loved every email. Most inspirational in a time where I need nothing more than trust in the universe. Just perfect. — Patrica

I would like to thank you Marieke and Tim for the emails you are sending. I find them of great value to stay motivated, some are very informative (the mantra for example), others are confronting but they all express your true dedication to guide people through their process. Keep it up! — Chantal

Sat Nam! I have done many 40 days meditations in the past but it truly makes a difference to do it with your guidance via the daily emails. It deepens my experience because you make me reflect and help me to bring unconscious aspects into the light. It feels great to do this practice together with a community, I feel supported and motivated and it doesn’t take any effort to do the meditation everyday, I am looking forward to it! Thanks a lot for your encouraging words. — Saskia

Everyday I enjoyed reading your sweet & useful guidance. They always seem to come just at the right time and really help me to relax. — Ariel

Thank you so much for this 40 day journey. I am deeply touched by the process I went through, from darkness to the light. I am in the light again! Full of Trust, Wahe Guru. I am so grateful to you and myself. I feel this online practice is a beautiful addition to my regular Kundalini Yoga classes. Looking forward to join the next online Sadhana. — Alice

Dear Marieke and Tim, thank you for creating this possibility to encourage us to practice Kundalini Yoga on a daily basis. I am currently doing the 40 day Sadhana to ‘Open the Heart’ and wow, I can clearly notice and feel the transformation. A new window has openend. Sat Nam. — Hanne


What is a Sadhana?

Sadhana means a daily spiritual practice, which can be a meditation, mantra, prayer, (kundalini) yoga practice. You might want to embrace the opportunity to make your own direct experience with a Sadhana on our website. The Sadhanas we share are based on Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

Learn more: Sadhana – what does it mean and where to start?

How to join an online guided Sadhana?

  1. We invite you to choose a daily kundalini yoga practice [Sadhana] on this page.
  2. You will make the commitment to do the kriya/meditation every day for the indicated duration of days (11, 22 or 40 days).
  3. Sign up via the [LEARN MORE & START SADHANA] buttons on this website.
  4. Fill out the registration-form and make a payment. After receiving your registration for the particular Sadhana you will receive our daily support via email.
  5. You will do the Kundalini Yoga or Meditation practice on the Practice page [it’s the same practice every day].

Are the online guided Sadhana live-streams?

We practice with pre-recorded Yoga & Meditation videos on the Practice Page. It is not a live-stream. This will allow you to play the meditation-video at a time that suits you best.

Will I have acces to the online Community?

Yes! You will have access to an exclusive Online Community where you can connect and share with like-minded people. You can ask questions and receive extra guidance and support from experienced teachers and community members. It’s a place where we uplift and inspire everyone to grow and evolve.

Do I need to do the Sadhana at 5 a.m. in the morning?

You don’t have to get up at 5 a.m. in the morning. You can do your practice anytime of the day. Choose a time that works best for you. It is recommended to meditate before sunrise, because at that time the energy is most neutral for meditation and yoga.

Do I need previous experience with (Kundalini) Yoga to join this Sadhana?

No previous yoga-experience is not required for the kriyas and meditations that we share on the website. Your motivation and commitment to the practice is enough. When you have any questions about which sadhana to choose we’re happy to help you. Please use the [QUESTIONS] button below this page to ask you question.