daily yoga practice with guidance


Your regular practice of yoga and meditation is what we call Sadhana. We know that making a commitment to practice yoga regularly can be challenging and that's why we offer our 11, 22 or 40 day email guidance in combination with our yoga and meditation videos.

When you start a Sadhana you will receive daily emails with inspiration, knowledge and philosophy regarding the specific theme and practice video, and questions to help you reflect upon and integrate your experiences.



In this 11 day Sadhana we are looking into the workings of the mind and train our ability to observe it rather than identify ourselves with it. Thus we can liberate ourselves out of the maze of the mind and experience our expanded self.

Email guidance: 11 days
Start: February 2nd 2022




In this 11 day Sadhana we will look at attachments and the impact of past actions. The daily mantra meditation will help you to break free from blocks and limiting beliefs from the past. Removing these blocks means you are stepping out of the cycle of karma (action/reaction) and choose actions that serve your higher good.

Email guidance: 11 days




In these 40 days we are going to dive deep into the teachings of the first chapter of the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali called Samadhi. Exploring and contemplating the wisdom that is contained within these Sutras not only gives us a very clear outline of how to reach a state in which the mind no longer turns against us, implementing this wisdom into our practice and daily lives also leads to a direct experience of how yoga allows the light of our Soul to shine brighter and brighter.

Email guidance: 40 days



During these 11 days we work with Dharana, or one pointed concentration, is the sixth limb on the Eightfold Path of Yoga. It is the entry point of our journey into expanded self-awareness, leaving behind social conditioning and outer identification. We take a deep dive into our meditation practice to increase our capacity to concentrate. This allows us to still and focus the mind, creating single pointed awareness that can, like a laser beam, burn through all the layers of misperception and confusion.

Email guidance: 11 days



In this 11 days Sadhana we are going to explore Pratyahara, the fifth limb on the Eightfold Path of Yoga. Pratyahara is considered to be the turning point within the classical system of yoga in which the practitioner learns to draw their awareness even deeper within. The focus of the practice is to strengthen our ability to withdraw the senses from the outside world that always keeps us busy, bringing into practice our ability to consciously choose what we allow to enter our awareness.

Email guidance: 11 days



In this 11 day Sadhana we look into a yogic framework of mind. Although our mind isn't visible for our eyes it has an incredible influence on our lives through our behaviour and actions. It determines our perception through unconscious workings and it is our aim to make these unconscious patterns conscious. Only when we become conscious of the workings of mind, we are able to transform them and start using the mind as an instrument in service of our soul's calling. 

Email guidance: 11 days



In this 11 day Sadhana we dive deeper into the philosophical backgrounds of the Eightfold Path of Yoga. We explore and experience different streams within the ancient yoga practice and how those ancient teachings are still valuable in our current day and age. This Sadhana will give you a comprehensive framework to support you to integrate this wisdom into your daily life, becoming a container and vessel for the living spirit of yoga, not just on your mat but in all aspects of your life. 

Email guidance: 11 days



Discover how altering your breath with intention can change your life. In yogic tradition this conscious control of the breath is called ‘Pranayama’. In these 11 days we are going to explore and experience the power of our own breath through our daily practice and the accompanying guidance through email.

Email guidance: 11 days



In these 11 days you discover the energetic anatomy behind common asanas and you’ll learn and experience first hand how and why they work from different perspectives and traditions. We are going on a journey with different newly composed Kundalini Sequences tuning into the five elements, the corresponding chakras, meridians and vayus (pranic movement).

Email guidance: 11 days



In this 11 days Sadhana we move beyond ordinary knowledge to a new way of insight and deeper perception through self-study and daily meditation. With your curiosity, the practice of introspection and meditation we develop the witness position and the ability to shift our identification beyond limited self beliefs. 

Email guidance: 11 days



In the daily guidance we explore the many teachings that were given on the topic Kundalini in different traditions and do the necessary inner work to help clear the blocks that impede our consciousness coming into full blossoming. We practice and meditate to invite the Kundalini Shakti, the energy of awareness, to flow.

Email guidance: 40 days



For 22 days we focus on satya which is all about being truthful. We look into the power of words and become aware of how we create our lives through what we say. Words are like seeds you plant in the present moment that will eventually become your future. Is what you say truly what you want to put out there? We grow our awareness with daily guidance and Kundalini Yoga.

Email guidance: 22 days



In this 22 days Sadhana we are diving deep into our roots through discovering and working with the first three chakras (lower triangle) to understand more about our habits, instincts and desires. You’ll gain more clarity about how the emotions linked to these chakras show up in your life and bring healing where needed so you can stop unnecessarily repeating the past. 

Email guidance: 22 days



In these 11 days we become very clear about what is burdening our heart and we create a safe space to heal, release & transform old pain, limiting ideas and beliefs. The sound of our own voice and the power of mantra and vibration will be our medicine during these 11 days.

Email guidance: 11 days



In this 11 day Sadhana you will learn all about how the Life Force Energy, Prana, moves through you and what it does. You will learn how to consciously work with this energy to magnetise your magnetic field, your aura and how to optimise the energy flow through your whole system to create the optimal condition for healing to occur.

Email guidance: 11 days




Thanks a million times for the most amazing guidance through this 40 day sadhana. I loved every email. Most inspirational in a time where I need nothing more than trust in the universe. Just perfect. -- Patrica

I would like to thank you Marieke and Tim for the emails you are sending. I find them of great value to stay motivated, some are very informative (the mantra for example), others are confronting but they all express your true dedication to guide people through their process. Keep it up! -- Chantal

Sat Nam! I have done many 40 days meditations in the past but it truly makes a difference to do it with your guidance via the daily emails. It deepens my experience because you make me reflect and help me to bring unconscious aspects into the light. It feels great to do this practice together with a community, I feel supported and motivated and it doesn’t take any effort to do the meditation everyday, I am looking forward to it! Thanks a lot for your encouraging words. -- Saskia

Everyday I enjoyed reading your sweet & useful guidance. They always seem to come just at the right time and really help me to relax. -- Ariel

Thank you so much for this 40 day journey. I am deeply touched by the process I went through, from darkness to the light. I am in the light again! Full of Trust, Wahe Guru. I am so grateful to you and myself. I feel this online practice is a beautiful addition to my regular Kundalini Yoga classes. Looking forward to join the next online Sadhana. -- Alice

Dear Marieke and Tim, thank you for creating this possibility to encourage us to practice Kundalini Yoga on a daily basis. I am currently doing the 40 day Sadhana to ‘Open the Heart’ and wow, I can clearly notice and feel the transformation. A new window has openend. Sat Nam. -- Hanne