Moving Mudra Meditation with Om Namah Shivaya mantra


For some of us sitting still in one position for a longer period of time comes easy and for some of us this is a real struggle. If you find sitting still quite challenging in and of itself, good news for you, during this meditation we are moving. Or let’s put it like this: our movement becomes our meditation. 


We have composed a Moving Mudra Meditation to accompany the Om Namah Shivaya mantra. As we chant we create different mudras, seals of energy, with our hands, at different locations near the physical body. Mudras impact the way energy circulates through our system, not just in the physical body but also in our magnetic field or aura. 

By repeating several mudras in a continuous movement in our auric field we open a beautiful flow of energy and open our hearts. For many people this kind of meditation allows them to ‘exit’ their heads. As soon as they get the choreography they can relax into the movements, dropping from their head into their heart and feel what they chant through the movement. 

Our hands are closely related to our brain, creating mudras balances the hemispheres of the brain which results in you feeling more balanced, harmonized and peaceful. Creating these mudras in combination with chanting sacred sounds is amplifying the vibrational effect in and around your body. 

A Moving Mudra Meditation allows you to experience the benefits of meditation without sitting still. This also makes it a great meditative exercise for children. It’s an enjoyable and relaxing way to enter into a meditative state. 


For this particular Moving Mudra Meditation we are using the following mudras:


Prithvi Mudra - for grounding

This mudra brings balance, energy, endurance, health and vitality. It can help encourage positive change in your life and speed up metabolism and stimulate digestion.


Shiva Linga Mudra - for more energy

Shiva Linga Mudra is a great support to overcome physical and mental fatigue. Practicing this mudra regularly helps us to stay healthy and full of energy.  


Gyan Mudra - for wisdom and expansion

This mudra brings in knowledge, expands our field of possibilities and releases us from limitations. It is related to expansion, wisdom and higher consciousness. It is calming and brings the practitioner spiritual openness and ease in meditation. It sharpens the brain, empowers the mind, nervous system, endocrine system and pituitary gland.


Dharmachakra Mudra - for equanimity

This mudra brings spiritual awakening and grounding at the same time. It helps to calm and soothe overstimulated energies, its gesture integrates them. In doing so you enter a state of equanimity that can support you in times of change and turbulence, realizing that 'This too shall pass'. 


Garuda Mudra - for inspiration

Garuda mudra balances the air element and helps to re-assemble yourself when you feel scattered, lethargic or irritated. It stimulates the blood circulation and fuels you with energy and inspiration. 


Anjali Mudra - for unity

This mudra is calming, grounding, centering and balances the hemispheres of the brain. It brings the polarities together, helping us to remember the unity beneath the surface. 


Lotus Mudra - for remembering the Divine within

A mudra that is opening up the heart centre and invokes the light, while at the same time reminding us to connect to our roots, like a lotus with strong roots in the mud. This mudra represents the transformational journey from darkness to light. 


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