A new cycle to begin again


We are starting a new astrological cycle with the New Moon in Aries and this star sign carries the archetypal energy that fires us up with a raw and primal energy, the energy we need to survive, grow and expand, it’s the will to live and to live your soul’s mission. In our day and age we hear a lot of people talking about living your soul’s mission, doing what you came here for on earth. 


In ancient Indian philosophy this goes by the name of dharma which could be translated by the not so attractive word ‘duty’. According to this idea we all come to earth to fulfill our dharma, our duty, we all have a specific role to play in the infinite web of life. To a certain extent this idea can be comforting, because it gives a sense of meaning, it’s no coincidence we are here, we are here for a reason. Especially when you have a good life, good health, etc. this idea is not so hard to embrace. On the other hand when you struggle, feel lost, unhappy or clueless about why you are here this idea can also be a burden. If I am meant to be here why doesn’t it feel like that? Or why don’t I know what I’m supposed to be doing? And why should one person's life be so hard while others seem to be having the time of their lives?



This is said to be tied to the other probably more known concept of karma. Simply put karma comes down to that no single action comes without a reaction. Everything we think, do or say creates an energetic ripple in the web of life and somehow the effect of this ripple will come back to us, either in this lifetime or the next. Does this mean we are all delivered to karmic laws and there is no way to change our fate? Are we merely living the effects of past actions? That doesn’t sound very attractive either?


Taking care

Let’s go back to the word dharma. In the ancient past dharma was literally about what role you needed to fulfill in a society to make sure society as a whole could be operational. You recognized your part in the whole and fulfilled it. As such contributing to the survival and sustenance of your village, town, tribe, etc. In other words dharma was about taking your place in the cycle of taking care of eachother in which each and everyone's contribution matters. I take care of you by harvesting crops, you take care of me by creating the tools I need to work the land. 


We live in a different world

Nowadays the cycle of taking care of each other has become totally different because in most parts of the world it is no longer happening on a small scale. Huge companies have now taken over the small trades between people. We live in big cities, buy food in supermarkets and need to do all kinds of work to make the money to pay our bills. Our lives have changed tremendously compared to the times when living your dharma was more evident. Instead of small local communities we are now connected to people all over the world. 

The way we live our lives has become completely different compared to the lives of our ancestors, especially in the past 100 years with the industrialization and the dazzling speed of technological development. Of course there are always good and bad sides to everything, it’s never black and white, but it’s good to take a moment to realize that your soul is now living in completely different circumstances than it has in its previous incarnations (if you believe in reincarnation that is). 


High demands

What if somehow many souls are feeling ‘unheimisch’ right now because they have a hard time to recognize the world they have known before? Probably many of you can relate to this. For many people it is really hard to go with the current speed of life, the high demands, the glorification of success, fame and career. This way of life to them doesn't feel like their dharma but since it seems to have become ‘normal’ it is hard not to play along. 


Timeless wisdom

But what if this way of life is the dharma for some souls and for others their dharma is to slow down, to reawaken ancient ways of being, to embody wisdom passed down through the ages and live according to that so this wisdom stays a living wisdom that can be passed onto future generations. A wisdom that is in sync with the natural rhythms of life, of nature. A wisdom that understands the necessity to live in reciprocity and in communion with Mother Earth and the forces of nature. What if we come to come to understand again that our dharma is to take good care while we are here on earth. Of ourselves, our family, our community and our home, our Mother Earth. And we could find all the fulfillment we need in this taking care, giving and receiving it.  


A new cycle to begin again

Take a moment in the coming days and ask yourself:

  • what is my dharma?
  • What is my will to live?
  • What evolutionary steps does my soul long to take in this incarnation?

Let go of any comparison and make this a very intimate inquiry. Open yourself to a timeline that goes beyond your current life, what experience is your soul bringing to this moment and what would happen if you would tend to that, embracing the current energy of spring that is pushing forth to start a new cycle of life. Remember you can always begin again.


Spring Equinox Session - the dance of creation 

90 minutes of Kundalini Yoga & meditation through livestream - March 21st.

You are most welcome to celebrate the return of life with us. Let your spirit be awakened by the fresh energy of Spring and allow yourself to surrender into the wild dance of creation. After the contraction of Winter it is now time for expansion. Follow nature's example and give your spirit space to blossom, ride the wave of the fertile energy. 

With this new sequence we will crack ourselves out of the winter cocoon to spread our wings and open up for new beginnings. Join us to fly bravely into the unknown, supported by the fresh Spring air. 

This session is shared through livestream, a recording will be available immediately after for you to enjoy as often as you like.