Emotions as our teacher

What is currently happening in your life and how do you feel about that? What is your baseline emotion at this point in time? Can you express that emotion, can you allow yourself to feel it? And what is this emotion telling you?


Emotions are energy and energy is information

Every emotion we feel is a way of our innermost being to communicate with us through our body. Energetic information is felt through our nervous system that is in direct connection with our chakras through the spinal cord and the chakras in their turn are connected to our aura, your luminous field that is an expression of your soul, the blueprint that has created your body and that holds within it all the ‘data’, all the impressions of this life and all the previous lives you have lived. Within this storehouse of information we also hold painful memories, unresolved issues, things that have not been processed. 



The law of the Universe is that everything completes its cycle of creation towards completion, so that means that these unresolved patterns or imprints that are stored in our blueprint will eventually come to completion. As we go through such a process it doesn’t always feel comfortable. When we are not aware of what is actually happening it can feel as if we are being punished or tested, but in reality our soul is arranging the circumstances within and without that allow us to heal and this healing will make us feel whole again. 

To heal is to feel. When we accept uncomfortable emotions as invitations to open up to layers of ourselves that may have long been forgotten, denied or repressed, so much of ourselves can once again resurface and be integrated. Through this integration we come to understand, through understanding we become wise. Through wisdom we start to embody who we truly are. 



The invitation is to honor your emotions as messengers that are here to guide us, to teach us, to remind us, to invite us to go within and ‘unlock’ all the wisdom that is encoded in our being. It is time to remember, it is time to once again embody all that you are. The path to do this is to embrace your emotions through your body, feeling them completely and stay present, right within the energy of that emotion. 



We are vey used to project that emotion onto others, onto the world, trying to find a cause of what we feel outside of ourselves. What if this emotion is just asking you to take responsibility, to fully feel the response within yourself, feel the depth of it, without projecting outward in any way. To just feel how your whole being responds to this energy in the form of the emotion that holds so much information in vibration. Can you allow your body to respond to the frequency of that vibration and what then is surfacing? What is it that this frequency resurfaces from your cells? 



When we do this, we clear stagnant energy in our luminous field, in our chakras and in our physical body. Energy patterns can rearrange themselves, start to flow differently and as we enter another level of awareness, we start to perceive reality from a different perspective. We open ourselves for new possibilities, new information and new insights can now enter our awareness. 

This is the power of our emotions. They are truly our teachers, right within ourselves, always present. When we learn to channel the energy of these teachers in a conscious and present way, instead of being lost in the world of name and form we reach deeper and deeper within into That which is always present as the underlying fabric of creation. 


Take your rightful place

Let your emotions guide you there and discover how you dream your life into being and how we together, weave our reality as humanity. We are all responsible for the world we live in, let’s take up our rightful place through honoring ourselves. This respect will restore the balance and harmony in our outer world. 


Removing the blocks Sadhana

If you would like to receive guidance on this path we are here for you. Currently we do a beautiful practice to cleanse our body mind system through the power of our breath, our voice and mantra. The Removing the blocks Sadhana brings us to our roots.