Your body is the entry point

I’m currently reading a book on reincarnation which is a profound process of recognition on many levels. I’m integrating lots of insights in the moment which I will be able to share more about later on, first and foremost I feel it is necessary to feel the impact in the flesh, in the ‘carne’ which is the Latin word for flesh found in the word ‘incarnation’. 


This morning this specific quote of Carl Jung, cited in the book, really struck me:


“Who has fully realized that history is not contained in thick books
but lives in our very blood?”


What hits home for me in this sentence, something which is at the core of many spiritual traditions, is that if we truly want to understand who we are we need to stop looking outside of ourselves. We need to detach ourselves from all the distractions of the world and make the inner journey. All the answers lie right within us. 



Nowadays we live in a society that revolves around almost the opposite. For every possible problem an external solution is suggested. I’ve come to the point that I'm no longer upset about that, but rather understand that this can only be in place because we accept this as the modus operandi. If we suffer from depression for example certain medication may help us to transcend the darkest period, when we are really stuck in certain mind patterns that are destructive. But eventually those pills are not going to solve the depression. Depression is a call from the Soul that things that are buried deep within our being, things we deem too painful to confront ourselves with, demand our attention. Depression stops us in our tracks and forces us to come to a standstill, it’s no longer possible to go along with life patterns we have created (or accepted) over time. The moment we can meet the ‘darkest’ parts in our being, this energy can be liberated in our body-mind system and patterns will start to rearrange themselves, the energy is integrated towards understanding and a feeling of wholeness. 


Driving force

There are many ways we can make this inner journey. In my personal case I have tried therapy but felt it didn’t bring me to the core of the issue. This is no way to suggest that therapy is not useful, it can also bring deep insights, relief and integration. I am merely saying I need another approach that included the body. When I embarked on the yoga path I found a way to come into contact with deep layers within myself I have always felt within me but didn’t know how to handle. In the meanwhile these old impressions were a driving force behind many things I did. Don’t get me wrong, they were also powerful catalysts in the creation of beautiful things but the driving force was pushing me to go harder and further all the time, exhausting me completely. Through my practice, in the asanas, in the meditation, during the chanting, I was able to release so much pain, anger and grief that after a while the inner drive changed and thus also the way I pushed myself to my limits. 


Energetic imprints

What I now begin to see more clearly, through reading the book on reincarnation and writing the guidance emails for the Samadhi Sadhana, is that the impressions of past experiences (whether from this lifetime or previous ones), are energetic imprints in our energy field in which our body is manifested. These ‘loads’ need to be unloaded in order to come into completion, this is what we call karma within the yogic tradition. The reaction of an action needs to come into completion. There is much more to say about this and I will eventually, for now I just want to share why I feel so in awe of yoga and meditation. For me they are the way to consciously open the space for this process of completion to happen within our practice, working with our physical bodies as the entry point. 


Seven generations

With our practice we offer the space for the frequency, which is energy, of the old impressions to liberate itself from the physical body where it resides in our tissues, organs, right up to the level of our blood and DNA. We allow this energy to vibrate, we feel the emotions that have been suppressed for maybe lifetimes, and thus we lessen the karmic load and our life starts to transform. We no longer need to attract certain situations or people into our life for these old impressions to come into completion, since we are now committed to do the inner ‘work’. This also makes it very clear why in many spiritual traditions it is said that everything you are able to bring towards wholeness and completion, integration and understanding, has an impact on the seven generations that came before us, because you can cry the uncried tears of your ancestors for example, you can release this imprint that is present in your body. And also the seven generations that will follow us because we are changing the energetic blueprint, allowing the rearrangement of energy to happen through us. And this is not a small thing. I feel it is what the world needs the most right now.


Deepest intention

I now recognize this to be my inner drive behind sharing this practice with you and it is becoming more and more clear that actually this is the deepest intention behind all the sequences I create. I will continue my inner and outer research, translating my insights into these sequences. I feel blessed and grateful that life has arranged itself in such a matter I am able to do this and I am fully committed to my share in facilitating wholeness and completion.


From the gross to the subtle

We shared a online Kundalini Session, a sequence in which we dive into the physical body, giving her the opportunity to release and create the space for impressions to be felt and seen, transmuting at the heart. From the gross we move towards the more subtle and offer the energetic blueprint an opportunity to rearrange itself. You can do this practice on the website.