Learn to speak the language of energy

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience, a famous expression by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a Jesuit priest who devoted his life to bridging the gap between religion and science. For ancient spiritual traditions this point of view has been the premise that serves as the foundation for understanding ourselves, the world and our experience of it. 


The practice of yoga and meditation for example is built around the fact that through our human body we can experience our spiritual essence. Through our practice we can become more and more aware of the energetic undercurrent that is present in every material manifestation, not just limited to the way we experience ourselves but in every aspect of this existence. 


The element of Spirit

This existence unfolds itself in space, ether, in Sanskrit called Akasha, the most subtle of the five elements. The element of Ether holds space for the other element to come into being and ultimately return into empty space once more. Ether is also called the element of Spirit. The more we give space to this most subtle element in our being, the more we can go beyond the physical limitations of psychological time and space related to the three dimensions, we can start to open ourselves to other levels of being. 

Interestingly enough working with our tangible physical bodies in asana, our breath in pranayama, our voice in mantra, can give us access to the intangible, to the realm of spirit. These tools help us to calm our minds, to retrieve our dispersed attention from the world of name and form and pull our consciousness back into its source. 

This whole year we are exploring the way this has been described in the old yogic scriptures passed down through time as the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali and specifically the ‘Eight Fold Path of Yoga’. In the coming three months we are going to deeply explore the two of these eight steps, Asana and Pranayama. 


11 day Sadhana - Energetic Anatomy of Asana 

We are sharing an 11 day Sadhana in which we discover the energetic anatomy behind common asanas and you’ll learn and experience first hand how and why they work from different perspectives and traditions. We are going on a journey with different newly composed Kundalini Sequences tuning into the five elements, the corresponding chakras, meridians and vayus (pranic movement). This Sadhana is a combination of self experience through your daily practice and deepening your understanding through the daily guidance emails. All sessions are recorded and remain available online. To receive the daily Sadhana Guidance for deepening your experience, register yourself today.