How do you keep yourself nourished?

When you read this it might be a good moment to pause ... and take some time to reflect on where you are right now in your life. How are you doing or rather how do you feel? How are you handling the challenges this year is bringing along and what is there to be grateful for? What would you like to focus on in the coming months?


Just like you can start your yoga practice with an intention to guide your energy in this direction, we can also take conscious moments in our daily lives to place intentions. You can do this every day to give your day an extra focus because as the old adage goes: Where your attention goes, energy flows. If your attention would be to say something kind to everyone you meet that day, you can imagine how this focus does not only uplift your mood but also of all those you meet. Your intention can literally create a ripple effect of positive energy.

Our intention

It can be just as powerful to set an intention for a longer period of time, therefore we would love to invite you to ponder on what it is that you would like to bring to the foreground in the last months of 2020. To inspire you we will share our intention with you. 

Since we aren’t able to travel and life is inviting us to stay at home we are taking up this invitation to really be at home within ourselves. And one way to do this is to really take good care of ourselves. Our intention is to nourish ourselves on many levels in these coming months, almost like creating our own spiritual retreat. Healthy food, loads of rest, warm baths, long walks in nature, taking time to reflect, and finally making time for something we have been wanting to do for a long time. We have enrolled ourselves in a mantra and harmonium course and the coming months will be dedicated to learning, studying and practicing our voices a lot. The fun thing is we are doing it together, so we can motivate and support each other along the way. 

What is something you would really love to learn, to do, to experience, to give more space to in your life? Something that will nourish you? It can be related to food, to movement, to nature, to music, to anything you feel will bring joy in your life and will contribute to the expression of the light of your soul. 

Direct your energy

If you feel the call to create space for nourishment, take out your notebook, light some candles, play your favourite music, make some nice tea and give yourself a nourishing moment today to write and reflect upon this topic. Who knows what will come up, or maybe you already know what it is? In any case, this conscious decision in which you direct your energy towards something you are longing for can create a ripple effect, that’s for sure!