Feeling stuck? Try the Kundalini Yoga Frog Pose

The Frog Pose is one of these postures in Kundalini Yoga that we can find in many different Kriyas. It is a great posture to do when you feel the energy is not flowing properly in your body, or when you feel stuck in your mind.


Frog Pose works on your upper thighs. The stimulation of this part of your body impacts your kidneys, it’s a part of the body where we store fear and experiences from the past. It also plays a big role in our fight/flight behavior, we need those muscles to either run away as fast as we can or defend ourselves. The hormones related to our automatic fight/flight reactions are produced by the adrenals that are situated just above your kidneys. Read more about the kidneys & adrenals in another Blog.


Opening the flow of energy

Frog Pose works on opening the flow of energy in the second chakra area of the body, the pelvis and sex organs. It builds your sexual potency and balances the sexual energies. This energy is a very vital energy and again the kidneys play an important role in transforming this energy into Ojas, a vital life fluid that sustains our body. Doing Frog Pose can certainly help you to work with themes connected to the second chakra like your self-esteem, sexuality, creativity and fear. It’s an exercise that can help you tap back into the flow of life. And, last but not least this single exercise increases the circulation in your body, builds your stamina, your cardiovascular & respiratory system!


How to do the Kundalini Yoga Frog Pose

  • Balance yourself on your toes in a squatted position, feet apart and the heels are touching. Spread your knees and put your arms inside your legs with only your fingertips touching the floor (all ten of them), keeping your elbows straight. Find your balance with your eyes either open or closed. This is your starting position.
  • Inhale and stretch your legs. Try to straighten your legs completely keeping your fingertips on the floor, if you cannot yet stretch your legs totally, that’s ok, but don’t take your hands off the floor. Try to bring your nose as close as possible to your knees. While you rise up, make sure to keep your heels touching and of the floor, don’t put them down.
  • Exhale, move your buttocks back down to your heels and bring your head back up.
  • Going up and down like this is one complete round of Frog Pose.
  • Make sure to keep connecting the breath with the movement, inhaling up, exhaling down.
  • When you are done, stay down in the seated position, balancing on your heels, take a deep breath. Then gently place your buttocks on the floor, stretch your legs forward, relaxing the knees and legs. If you like, when you feel ready, sit in Easy Pose with your eyes closed for a few minutes afterwards, observing the breath and the energy flow in your body and along your spine.
  • Having sore muscles the next day is part of the game, it’s an indication that you have been giving them a great work out!


How many times should you do Frog Pose?

If this is your first time to do this exercise, take it easy! It is quite a strong exercise. If you can make it up to 10, great! Then see if you can go up to 26. If you are familiar with this exercise and practice Kundalini Yoga regularly see if you can go up to 54. If you are a die-hard, go for a challenge and try 108! One golden tip: no matter how many frogs you do, doing it slow doesn’t make it easier! It actually makes it harder, so see if you can pick up a brisk pace.


Precautions with the Kundalini Yoga Frog Pose

If your knees are not in good shape, take it easy with this exercise, just do a few frogs! When you are getting to know this posture and building your strength, don’t overdo it straight away, take your time and take breaks if the muscles in your legs start to burn. If you start to feel dizzy or out of breath, take a break!