Kidneys - The batteries of your body

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine winter is the season of the kidneys. Let’s shed our light on what function the kidneys actually have in our bodies and what role they play emotionally and energetically.


First of all the kidneys operate like a filter to remove toxins and a surplus of water out of our bodies. They are the most important organs in the body for our detoxification, even more important than our liver. Besides this they stimulate the production of red blood cells and regulate our blood pressure. Just above our kidneys we find the adrenals that produce several hormones that help us deal with stress and the growth of our muscles. Adrenaline is probably the most known hormone produced by the adrenals and is responsible for the ‘Fight or Flight’ reactions in our bodies.


Ojas, the fluid of life

On an energetic level the kidneys are storing ‘Ojas’ a vital essence or fluid of life that our bodies need to sustain themselves. If the working of our kidneys diminishes this has an effect on the amount of available Ojas to keep our bodies vital and healthy. Our kidneys get depleted by drug abuse and a large consumption of prescription drugs (aspirine, ibuprofen and antibiotics), too much sex and insufficient intake of water. Also worry and stress have a negative impact on your kidneys and thus provoking a decrease in Ojas, resulting in premature aging.


Base of the energy pyramid

The kidneys are truly the batteries of your body, when we inhale our lungs bring in the air, and our kidneys pull the prana into the body. They are the base of our energy pyramid and provide us with the necessary enthusiasm and (self) motivation to progress in life and the pursuit of your dreams. Tell tale signs of low kidney energy are over worrying, fatigue, lack of vitality, lack of self-confidence, feeling fearful, edginess, premature aging (grey hair), low libido and hearing difficulties.


Yoga and the kidneys

From a yogic point of view the kidneys are connected to the water element and the second chakra related to our emotions, passion, creativity and ability to feel connected to other people. Emotional kidney themes are: fear, traumatic and fearful memories, phobia, sexuality and indecisiveness. Doing yoga is a great way to allow you to work with these themes in a gentle way. In Kundalini Yoga there are several great Kriyas that work specifically on the kidneys, one of them you can find on our Practice Page – Kriya for the Kidneys. This Kriya supports your body to get rid of stored emotions, reduce the impact of stress and will help your kidneys recharge, regenerate and revitalize.




11 day Flow of Life Sadhana

In the 11 Day Sadhana ‘Flow of Life’ we will focus on recharging your batteries, fight fatigue and help you diminish the negative side effects of stress by working on your kidneys and adrenals with the Kundalini Yoga Kriya for the Kidneys. For 11 days in a row we invite you to practice this Kriya everyday along with a beautiful video. We will support and motivate you to keep up with the daily guidance emails and the interactive guidance in the online community. This guided Sadhana supports you to find your way to flow with life instead of going against the current.