Sadhana - What does it mean and where to start?

Sadhana means a daily spiritual practice, which can be a meditation, mantra, prayer, yoga practice or self-enquiry. The aim of such practices is not to become a better person, at least not the way we see it. The aim is to realise you are not who you think you are or who you belief yourself to be. You could say Sadhana is a daily practice that helps you to discover who you are, through getting clear about what you are not.


The sadhanas we share can be practiced at every moment of the day and are not bound to a specific time of the day. However, we do advice you to meditate before sunrise, because at that time the energy is most neutral for meditation and yoga.


Sadhana to let go of attachments

When you use your daily practice wisely and honestly you will experience that actually there is nothing to be improved about you, it’s just the false beliefs about ourselves that need to be identified as such. A steady daily practice helps you to realize that the mind was given to you as a tool, but is not who you are.


Sadhana for freedom

Realising you can observe your mind instead of being identified with it, gives tremendous freedom. You get to see that just as you can observe your breath, or the physical reactions to a certain asana for example, you can also observe the way your mind is moving, instead of moving along with it. You become aware of an awareness beyond or independent of form. A daily spiritual practice can give you a direct experience of your own ‘beingness’ that doesn’t need or want anything, that just is.


Sadhana to train the mind

Our minds are programmed to ‘avoid pain and search for pleasure’. It’s this program that keeps us trapped in ‘karma’, the cycle of action and reaction, a cycle that can be broken through committing yourself to a consistent Sadhana. Since the human mind has the tendency to rebel against given orders and would rather cling to its own constructed reality there is often a lot of resistance to commit to a daily practice. This makes total sense, since your daily practice is your most powerful 'weapon' to unmask the illusions created by your own mind.


Sadhana Page

On our Sadhana Page we will share different Sadhanas that you can do any time of the year.