Eclipse season is here


Everything in life moves in cycles. The ancients observed the movement of the planet and the stars in the sky and the changing seasons to become aware of the repetitive cycles and to understand how to best move along with the patterns of nature.


Although we have created a world that is trying to operate in its own way, independent from nature, these patterns and cycles still impact us. When we are aware of them, when we attune ourselves to them we can place our own experience in a much bigger picture and see how our ‘micro’ experience is part of the ‘macro’.


Staying attuned to the rhythm of nature

In the old days, when people first started to live together in bigger cities, there were people assigned with the task of keeping people connected with the rhythm of nature, to not get alienated from it as they understood the important role this played in keeping society living in harmony. So there were ceremonies and rituals to celebrate the change of seasons, the equinoxes and the solstices. And there were special celebrations on the days of Solar and Lunar eclipses. It was felt and understood that these eclipses offered us portals to consciously move through cycles in the evolution of consciousness.


Eclipse season

On Tuesday the 25th of October we will have such an opportunity as there will be a Solar Eclipse on the eve of the New Moon in Scorpio. Solar eclipses open portals for new beginnings but an eclipse never comes alone, they are always accompanied by another one or two. This eclipse is part of a set of seven eclipses in total all taking part on the Scorpio - Taurus axis and therefore on the 8th of November we will have a total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. These seven eclipses are all happening between November 2021 and October 2023, so we still have a year to go in this specific shift in consciousness.


Healing trauma

The biggest theme of these seven eclipses together is healing our trauma, personally and collectively, which you may have noticed for a while. We are invited to really go within and have the courage to look at the unattended wounds that are still impacting our daily lives and our behavior. Things from the past that we try to ignore because it’s too painful or uncomfortable, parts of ourselves we don't like and therefore pretend don’t exist, can become the so-called shadows. From behind the scenes they can have a real big impact on how we navigate ourselves through life. They create patterns we keep repeating as we are avoiding to tackle what really needs to be seen, felt and understood.


Partial Solar Eclipse

The partial solar eclipse in Scorpio of October 25th can stir the deep waters within us. Water is associated with our deepest feelings and since they aren’t always pleasant, over time we may have developed ways of avoiding them. This avoidance can result in numbing our feelings through addictive behavior. This new moon we are called to set ourselves free so that self demeaning behavior can be transformed into self empowerment.


New Moon Solar Eclipse - Inner Sun Activation

In the brand new Kundalini sequence that will be shared with you on the eve of the solar eclipse we create the inner conditions to support you to work with this energy consciously and create a window of opportunity for transformation. With this new sequence we will:


  • Release stress from our bodies and minds
  • Harmonize our emotions
  • Build our willpower
  • Come home into our bodies
  • Experience our Divine True Nature

After the yoga asana practice there will be a healing gong bath + a beautiful healing mantra meditation to activate your Inner Sun, the Manipura Chakra.



Embrace yourself with kindness and compassion in this coming month, offer yourself the chance to deeply heal. Reach out if you need support, create a circle with like minded souls, share, open up, dare to express yourself, ask for a hug when you need to be held, cry when you need to shed your tears. Know that the healing you allow yourself impacts the collective, not just of those alive right now. All the healing we do ripples through the web of the generations that came before us and to those coming after us.


We are in this together!