Kundalini Yoga to unlock your creative potential

Kundalini is the coiled up divine potential within you that is waiting to uncoil herself.  Through our spiritual practice of yoga and meditation it’s like we are clearing roadblocks that prevent the energy to flow freely. 


These roadblocks are our unprocessed emotions, ideas, beliefs, and self-imposed limitations that we gather throughout our life. When we transcend these blocks, when we no longer tie our sense of self into these knots, the Kundalini can start to flow more abundantly and we get access to much more of our innate divine potential, the divine creative force that is present in all of us.

Throughout our lives we may lose touch with it and it can often feel like our creativity is running dry. When that happens it is time to take action in the sense we need to create space to enjoy the creative flow of life. That’s one of the reasons why we love Kundalini Yoga so much. Through doing these exercises it literally feels like we’re creating the space, creating the momentum, for the creative force to be awakened within us. 


Experience the totality of you

When we learn to hold space, through our asanas, our meditation practice, our breathwork, it’s like we pave the way for that energy to rise through our chakras, through our spine which you could compare to the stem of a Lotus flower. Once it reaches our brain, our seventh chakra, the lotus starts to open and we get access to so much more of who we are in totality. It’s like stepping out of the box of what we are told since childhood what ‘reality’ is and what is and what is not possible. 

When we let go of these preconceived ideas that shape our experience of life, a whole new spectrum of possibilities becomes available to us. Most artists that create mind blowing paintings, sculptures or choreographies will tell you: It wasn’t me, there was this flow of inspiration coming through and I just followed along, it was expressing itself through me. 


We are all creative

Many people say: Oh, but I’m not creative. Well that is simply not true. We are all creative and the most creative act we all perform is the creation of our own life. When we consciously learn to tap into our creative potential, when we start to honor it and make room for it in our lives it can bring back so much magic and playfulness that we may have lost along the way as we grew up to be serious adults that need to ‘grown up’ things to ‘make a living’. 


Join our creative adventure

We are inviting you to drop the seriousness and dive into a creative adventure with CREATE, our new 4 month yoga & meditation program. This Program is designed to allow our creative potential to fully blossom and step into our natural ability to manifest and create. 

Through yogic practices such as mantra & meditation in combination with modern day psychology, creative exercises and contemplation, your inner work is going to bloom into the outer manifestation of a life filled with creativity.  Prepare for a fun ride on the creative flow of life as you overcome limiting ideas and beliefs that block your creativity.