The eagle and the condor prophecy


In the prophecy of the ancient people of the Americas there will come a time when the eagle and the condor will fly together, side by side. What is meant by this? The eagle represents the masculine polarity, the mind and is found in the world through industrialisation. The condor represents the feminine, the heart and intuition.


It was foretold that humanity would split into two different paths as of 1490, the time of the conquistadors taking over the Americas, and that this period would last for around 500 years. Since 1990 the potential exists within humanity to let these two paths meet each other, embrace each other and thus give rise to harmony and balance. Then the eagle and the condor will fly together, side by side. 


Shift in consciousness

This prophecy speaks of a potential, it’s not a given, it’s up to us. This shift in consciousness is spoken of in many traditions, and coincides with the transition of the era of Pisces into Aquarius. We, the people living on the Earth right now are the stewards of this transition. Are we going to bring forth the potential towards harmony and balance, will we let our minds meet with our hearts? Our rationality with our intuition? Will we be able to both honour the feminine and the masculine? 


From pulse to impulse

This task is in our hands right now and it requires a lot of loving attention because there is so much trauma present in our world through the imbalances of the past. But nothing is impossible, we can do this! How? By showing up for ourselves. We are all the micro of the macro. Each wound you heal affects the whole. Each loving thought, each loving gesture from the heart infuses our web of life with more compassion and kindness. Every intention not just ruled by the mind, but also encompassing the timeless wisdom of the heart as our compass is a pulse in the web that will stir others towards the same impulse.


Kundalini Yoga set: Recalibration

Therefore we are dedicating our practice in the school towards the meeting of the eagle and the condor, the mind and the heart, transcending time, meeting infinity right within ourselves. You are most welcome to practice with the recording of the livestream: Recalibration.