Moving with the Moon and create from flow

For time immemorial human beings have observed the skies above as a way to understand the cycles of transformation that occur here on our planet Earth. The moon being the closest cosmic body played a crucial role in moving along with these cycles and archeologists have found lunar calendars carved in stone and bones for up to 30.000 years old. 


The presence of the moon affects life on Earth, for example the growth of plants and crops. Therefore the ancient farming techniques were closely following the cycle of the moon as to know when to plant their seeds and harvest their crops. The female cycle reflects the 28 day birth, life, death and rebirth cycle of the Moon as she waxes and wanes, becoming full to slowly disappear again. And ofcourse we have the very obvious effect that is occurring every 6 hours as the oceans and the seas have their eb and flow. As human beings we exist out of over 60% water so it is not weird to think that also the water in our bodies responds to the different phases of the moon. 


The Sun and the Moon

The moon in many ancient civilizations was regarded as a feminine presence, linked to intuition, feeling and emotion and life in their communities and societies were organized around her cycle. During the 16th century however the lunar calendars were replaced by the Gregorian calendar that measures the time of the orbit of the Earth around the Sun, 365 days. The Sun in most spiritual traditions is seen as a masculine presence linked to the mind, action and power. 


Balance and integration for insight and healing

This is not to say that one is better than the other. From the yogic approach it is about balance and integration, recognizing both these forces are present within us. In yogic terminology we call this Ida and Pingala. However, in our action and mind oriented society it is certainly helpful to reconnect to our intuition, feelings and emotions, qualities related to the Moon. Being aware of her cycle helps us to discover the treasures that are hidden in the dark, the fertile ground of undiscovered lands that can offer us so much insight and healing.


Moving with the Moon

Therefore with the creation of new Kundalini sequences we honor the cycle of the moon as a guiding light. Every eve of the New Moon we gather in community to move our bodies in a sequence that is especially designed to reflect those areas that are under the influence of the Moon at that time. With these monthly gatherings we create a deeper connection with ancient cycles that are still present in the helixes of our DNA, unlocking wisdom that is merely waiting for us to be remembered. 


Your Lunar Calendar of self mastery and growth

If you would like to prioritize a deeper connection to the natural cycles of life as a way to create from flow you are most welcome to join us. Looking forward to having you with us moving along with the Moon as we make another journey around the Sun.