There's something in the air - Winter Solstice 2020

Do you know that expression ‘There is something in the air' ? Well, we guess we can all agree that there is definitely the feeling there is something in the air right now, as if the air is pregnant with a highly charged energy that is nearly tangible, an energy that is calling for the birth of a new earth. It’s the energy of the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn which is happening on Monday 21st, the night of the Winter Solstice.


For time immemorial humankind has recognised the Winter Solstice as a turning point, a shift from darkness to light and many remnants of ancient cultures are still present on the planet today that refer to this highly revered moment. Winter Solstices always are auspicious moments to honour the light within you.


The Great Conjunction of the Two Teachers

On top of that this year we have the Great Conjunction of the two ‘teacher’ planets of our solar system, Jupiter the teacher of Dharma and Saturn the teacher of Karma. When those two planets ‘meet’ they open the door to a new development in consciousness and this goes hand in hand with changes in our human society. 

The past 200 years these meetings happened in the earth signs of the Zodiac, which has ushered in many manifestations on the earthly plane that were focussed on material wealth and possession. Tomorrow the two teachers will meet in the air sign of Aquarius and this is going to bring about a lot of changes. From the tangible we are going to shift more and more to a world that is going to revolve around the intangible. You just have to look around you and you can see that this is already happening. Digital Data is becoming the new oil of our planet and the technological developments have never ever gone so fast.


Paradigm Shift

The sign of Aquarius is also about community and the collective, creating a society in which we overcome the superficial differences, finding new ways of collaboration that not merely benefit the few, but that sustain the whole. This calls for a huge paradigm shift which can only happen when we can all start to envision this new world together. This is something we have been hearing for a long time, but it truly seems the moment has arrived this is actually going to happen.


Picking up the signal

As always we have a choice, we can choose to continue the way it is right now, but it is very evident that this isn’t the way that will sustain us and the planet much longer. We need to open our hearts and minds to a new approach, maybe an approach we can’t even fathom yet, a complete turn over that is already present in the field of all possibilities, waiting for us to pick up the signal. If we would all be willing to tune into this possibility we can together anchor this shift here in the material world, because in the collective every contribution counts, never underestimate yours!



As always, changes can be quite uncomfortable because they require to leave behind the known, which can result in clinging to things, even though we know we should release them. It feels like as humanity we have reached this point and we need courage to take the leap. It’s time to shift our focus from material accomplishment to spiritual fulfilment, aligning ourselves to our most authentic core, the source of our being. We feel that this is the best thing to do right now, because in that alignment and expanded consciousness all the answers, visions, inspiration and guidance will come to us naturally.


Winter Solstice Masterclass

On Monday evening the 21st of december we are hosting a two hour Winter Solstice Masterclass we have created especially for this moment. We are going to awaken the power (Shakti) within us and balance the polarities to realign with our authentic Self. It’s an offering to the Supreme Light we all carry inside of us that will help us to surrender that which no longer serves us as individuals and collectively. 

The livestream is broadcasted on the Livestream Page of the online school from 7 to 9 PM CET. No worries if you can’t catch us live, the recording will remain available so you can catch up and continue to practice with the offered content.