How Kundalini Yoga can help you to follow your Intuition

To make the choices that serve you, that make you grow and that allow you to fully enjoy life it is important to live from your heart. You do this by listening to the voice of your intuition. Your intuition is the voice of your inner teacher guiding you from darkness (non awakened state of consciousness) to the light (awakened consciousness). This voice is rooted in love, not in fear.


The ego reasons from ratio, fear and limitation and this voice brings up thoughts and convictions from the past and is not able to guide you in the here & now. With a strong developed intuition you are much more able to recognise ‘bad’ or ‘dark’ thoughts that come up from the subconscious and through this recognition they no longer have the power to control you.


Today is a day you can start to meditate

As in every journey, you have to make the first step to begin. Don't expect magical results right from the start, otherwise your ego can easily tell you 'this stuff just doesn't work for me'. Cleaning the subconscious mind is an ongoing process and just like taking a shower everyday to cleanse our bodies, we need to shower our minds through daily meditation to keep it clean and clear. This will certainly help you make a much clearer discernment between the voice of your ego and the voice of your heart, your intuition.


Building your spiritual strength

Overtime your intuition will become stronger, your awareness will expand and you will find it much easier to recognise old patterns and habits instead of automatically identifying yourself with it. 'Bad' or 'dark' thoughts will still come, don't let that put you down. Remember your ego will promptly offer you the conclusion that this must imply you are a bad person, or that you have failed, your intuition will not tell you this! Through your daily and consistent practice you will build your spiritual strength to no longer let this negativity from the past overrule you. Maybe for a day, an hour or a few minutes, but the most important thing is, you now recognise it and you know you have an another option, another choice. You can decide to turn your attention to your True Self and the voice of your intuition, the voice of love always reminding you that you have the full support of the Universe!


Clean your subconscious in less then 15 minutes a day!

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation helps you to develop your intuition, the voice of your inner wisdom. Through the practice of The ‘Kriya to Build Physical Health and Mental Clarity’Meditation to Release Negativity’ and 'Meditation for Mental Purity' you can clean your subconscious in less then 15 minutes a day and help you to work out negativity that is blurring your intuition. If you want to strengthen your Meditative mind turn to the 'Meditation for the Neutral Mind'.