Vitalize the heart and break free from depression

When we feel down or depressed, the electromagnetic field around the heart is weakened, which in turn weakens the aura. To be able to ‘break’ with old habits that are rooted in negativity, we need a strong commitment and aura to shift our attention away from rumination and negative thinking.


Pressure of time

Doing physical Kundalini yoga exercises for the heart every day will build commitment, stamina and a strong aura. It will make it easier to cope with unexpected and unavoidable changes that modern life brings. The pressure of time is intense. 'Faster, better and more' are the ‘rushes’ of our society; and information overload, work stress and rapid change our challenges.


Restore the nervous & glandular system

A continuous experience of high levels of stress is often the cause for depressive episodes.  The glandular and nervous systems of most people are not sufficiently developed to meet stressful challenges. Therefore, Kundalini Yoga is designed to restore the nervous and glandular system and to release old stress response patterns from the body.


Form thinking to feeling

It is a way to discover the underlying reasons for depression. Once you stimulate the body/mind system physically through yoga and meditation, the attention shifts from ‘thinking’ to ‘feeling’. This can feel very uncomfortable in the beginning. Maybe you realize that you feel frozen to your feelings. This is a beautiful recognition. We use Yoga as a technique to explore our inner feelings and move emotional blocks in the body.


Uncomfortable emotions

Depression mainly hits us when we are unable to feel spirit, our strength and trust our inner guidance. We then feel lost and overpowered with feelings of loneliness and anxiety, panic attacks, frustration, anger, confusion etc. Now, instead of trying to get rid of all these uncomfortable feelings, analysing them constantly, or suppressing them, we invite you to be patience and re-direct your energy instead to physical exercise that help you explore your inner world. This will build trust, and believe it or not, but it’s all right to feel such uncomfortable emotions. For some reason they want to be felt and with a strong nervous and glandular system this becomes easier.


Change perspective

Through meditation we learn to concentrate and direct our attention to our inner guidance. You become the witness of your own thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Maybe you notice that those things that once made you feel good and gave you safety are not having the same effect anymore? This is a transition that you can accept and trust. Thinking patterns and belief systems are continuously challenged as you take a different viewpoint and pay attention to your truth. This will change perspective on things and can weaken the impact of (depressive) thoughts and emotions on the experience of life.


It's not your problem

Depression is the most common psychiatric mood disorder world wide, so please don’t make this your own problem. Recognize that the other person is you. It’s nothing personal; there is no reason to blame yourself for feeling down. Share your experience with each other in the Online Community, because that’s how we grow together, and as humanity. Recognize the transition you are in, it’s an invitation to shift your attention to your real feelings and to be conscious(ness).


Meditation in the school

With the Meditation: Revitalize the Heart centre on the Practice page you learn how to deal with Depression. This meditation (8 min.) adjusts the glandular system and corrects meridian points affecting the heart. It is beneficial for those who have tension, heart problems and can alleviate depression.