Breakthrough; living your divine purpose

What is holding you back to live the life you long for? What is holding you back to finally drop these old habits that block you, stop you or maybe endanger your health? What is taking away your vitality, your lust for life, your drive, your power, your joy?


When we find ourselves at a point in life where we do not feel satisfied, content, happy or healthy these are important questions to ask ourselves. And even more important is to be truly honest when we answer them, because ultimately the only one that can stop us to be who we are, to do what we long for, to shape our lives in a way that truly resonates with us, is the same person who is asking the question: you!


  • What do we need to make a change possible, what do we need to step out of a situation that no longer feels right, what do we need to finally say what needs be said? Courage.
  • What do we need to finish a project, to bring it to a good end, even if we face challenges along the way? Great Inner Power, Determination, Perseverance and Endurance.
  • What do we need to start, to keep up and keep going? Energy, Stamina and Vitality.
  • What do we need to know where we are heading in the first place? Intuition
  • What do we need to keep our hearts open while we progress on our path, not just serving our own interest, but serving the bigger Whole? Humility and compassion.
  • What do we need to understand that we ourselves create and shape our lives with our actions and the words we speak? Consciousness and a Neutral Mind.
  • What do we need to stay on track? Discipline and values. Values that resonate with our true self and that we can honor from deep within.


The Warrior Saint

All of the above mentioned qualities can be attributed to the archetype of the Warrior Saint we often refer to in Kundalini Yoga. The Warrior Saint is someone that is fully aware of his or her divine origin, using the clarity of a neutral, open and meditative mind of the Saint, and the courage and fearlessness of the Warrior, to be fully present for life and everything that comes along, serving the bigger whole, aware of the impact of all actions taken, every word spoken and only picking up the sword to fight when it is absolutely necessary to protect the sacred.


Self Initiation

When you feel stuck, blocked, depressed, uninspired, bored, or you find yourself worrying a lot, living more from your head than your heart, tuning into this Warrior Saint energy and qualities can really help. Kundalini Yoga is a technique that works like self initiation into the Warrior Saint. With your daily practice of Kriyas and meditations it becomes much easier to breakthrough old limiting beliefs and habits and to start living your full potential now, not somewhere in a distant future maybe someday. With our practice we train ourselves to learn the skills of the Warrior Saint and overtime integrate these virtues, not just on the mat, but in our daily lives and that’s is true victory.


The voice of your Soul

That been said, the Warrior Saint is not about achieving, doing, impressing, proving, the actions are not ego driven. They stem from a deep connection with the Authentic Self, which is no other then God, the Divine, the one consciousness. With our practice we learn to become more silent, to become like nothing, zero, shuniya. Thus we can to clearly distinguish between the voice of our ego and the voice of our soul, or divine Self, through our intuition and thus we no longer need to think or worry about what to do, we know. When the time is right we know what to do, when to act or not.



As the words imply, Warrior and Saint, involves power, Shakti and devotion, Bhakti, both equally important to behave and feel in balance. Your yoga practice isn’t just a workout to gain physical strength, although you will grow much stronger, it is ultimately a way for you to experience the union, the oneness with all that is, to dwell there, to feel that Anand, that Bliss.


Divine Purpose

Finally it’s good to point out that actually a Warrior Saint is not fighting some enemy in  the outside world, the Warrior Saint is doing the inner work, ‘fighting’ the inner demons that stop him or her from living the Divine Purpose. It’s a continuous process. Each and every moment we succeed to be present in the moment, without acting from the past, is a victorious one, contributing to the elevation of the human consciousness. This takes courage, determination, discipline, compassion and humility, but once have made the first step on this path, even though the challenges may sometimes feel overwhelming, you know that each and every step on your journey is your destination and that feels great!