Walking the Wheel

the next training starts January 2024





About this training

The aim of this training is to bring you back in touch with the natural cycles of life by tuning in to the cycles of nature. Therefore this training honors the wisdom of the traditional medicine wheel in which the four directions, the four seasons and the elements become our universal teachers. 

As we travel through the seasons of the year each module you will learn to speak the language of energy as expressed in the techniques of Kundalini Yoga. We will work with postures (asanas), breath-work (pranayama), mudra (seals of energy) and mantra that correspond with the themes and topics that are part of our journey around the sun.


Four self mastery modules

Every module we discover the teachings of the season, the related element and direction of the Medicine Wheel which are offered to you within the yoga context. Through a balanced mix of theory and experience you will learn how to consciously work with the qualities of the five elements through asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra and ancient healing modalities. Experience how to use these practices as your medicine to stay in tune with nature, in touch with yourself and in connection to Source. 




♦ 12 Main meridians
♦  5 Elements
♦  Asana

♦  Subtle & physical anatomy
♦ Ayurveda self care principles




♦  7 Chakras
♦  Asana
♦  Yoga Psychology
Subtle & physical anatomy



♦  Meditation
♦  Pranayama
♦  Mudra
♦ Ayurveda & the mind
♦ Yoga philosophy & the mind



♦ Mantra theory
♦ Bhakti Yoga
♦ Chanting
♦ Mantra as medicine
♦ Music

the four foundational modules can either be followed online or in Amsterdam


Ancient wisdom for modern times

The wisdom traditions shared with you within the frame of this training do not only consist of the teachings from the yogic traditions, such as the Eightfold Path of Yoga, but incorporate teachings from all corners of the world making this training cross-cultural and universal. We follow the energetic roadmaps handed down to us through time. You will for example be offered the foundations of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and several forms of energy healing, to further your understanding of why yoga works the way it does. 



Power of ceremony

Within this training as we journey through the stages together, we will also explore the power of ritual and ceremony as important allies that support our communion with spirit, marking points of transition and giving depth and meaning to our life experiences. 


We empower each stage with ceremonies that allow us to fully integrate the offerings, preparing us to enter into the next phase of our journey. 



Become your own space keeper

Committing to this training means you will commit to your healing, to your own process, discovering your unique medicine and how to apply it to your daily life. In other words once you have completed the wheel you will have a toolbox filled with knowledge and experience that allows you to be the space keeper of your own growth and transformation.


Journey around the sun

The training is presented in four modules that deeply explore all there is to learn and experience linked to the four directions of the medicine wheel. Throughout the year you will create your own healing mandala, your personal medicine wheel. We empower each stage with relevant ceremonies to give depth and meaning to our life experiences. 



31 JAN - 4 FEB 2024 (5 DAYS)

Coming home in your body

This module takes place in Winter and we dive deeply within to reconnect to our inner wisdom and dedicate time to self care, healing and wellbeing. You get to know the five elements & learn about the twelve main meridians. You will experientially & theoretically understand how to work with asanas to help restore balance and proper energy flow within the body mind system.⁠ 



10 - 14 APRIL 2024 (5 DAYS)

Growing in consciousness

This gathering is held in Spring and we become conscious of deep imprints, allow ourselves to change perspectives and create space for new beginnings. You will research the seven chakras and their related emotional, psychological and physical themes and experience how yoga can support us to grow and evolve in consciousness. ⁠



5 - 8 SEPT 2024 (4 DAYS)

Inner strength & purification

This gathering is held in Summer and we bring in a healthy dose of discipline to kindle the flames of the spiritual fire within us for purification and transformation. We will explore and experience an array of different meditation & pranayama techniques that are used within the Kundalini practice and map the mind following the teachings of Yoga Philosophy and Ayurveda. ⁠



21 - 24 NOV 2024 (4 DAYS)

Voice as medicine

This gathering is held in Fall and we release what no longer serves us, liberate our hearts, let our emotions flow so that we may become vessels of a powerful presence working through us. In this last module we focus on how and why mantras are like powerful formulas or codes that help us to change our inner vibration. You will also learn techniques that open your voice to be your medicine.


Dates in 2024

⬩Module one

31 January - 4 February (5 days)  

Module two

10 - 14 April (5 days) 

Module three

5 - 8 September (4 days)

Module four

21 - 24 November (4 days)


The training days begin at 9.30 AM and run till 5.30 PM CEST (including a one hour lunch break). The sessions will be shared via livestream (zoom) and recordings will be available the next day. In the week following the training module we will edit the content into chapters to allow easy replay.


How it works

The core of this year training are the four modules which will be livestreamed from Amsterdam. If possible we encourage you to participate in real time and to reserve the training days in your agenda as ‘home retreats’ to make a deep dive within.

✓. All the sessions are recorded and available after each module

✓. Sessions will be edited into ‘chapters’ to allow easy replay

✓. You will have access to the recordings for two years

✓. You will have ample time for integration of the teachings

✓. You could even go through the whole medicine wheel again in the following year

✓. Implement the teachings with the four bonuses you receive with this training

✓. Participation in these bonuses is optional

✓. The modules in and of themselves are going to be life changing


#BONUS 1 - VALUE €100

4x Ceremonies (online)

These ceremonies will be held around the equinoxes and solstices of the year, moments in the solar year that have been honored in ancient cultures as important points of transition. In these ceremonies we will work with the power of intention, the qualities of the elements and of course with Kundalini Yoga & meditation. 


#BONUS 2 - VALUE €180

12x New Moon sessions

Each New Moon we offer a new livestream Kundalini Yoga practice that tunes into the energy and the need of the moment. In this way we meet each other every month in the virtual Sacred Space to stay inspired, motivated and committed to our practice and our path.

#BONUS 3 - VALUE €498

12 Sadhanas

Sadhana is your daily practice of (Kundalini) yoga, meditation and self-reflection and thus the backbone of spiritual growth. The monthly Sadhanas (11 or 22 days) will help you integrate the teachings of the modules. You will receive daily guidance emails and pre-recorded yoga and meditation videos. 


#BONUS 4 - VALUE €200

Check-in group meetings

After each module there will be an opportunity to check in with us, share your experiences and ask your questions via a Zoom meeting. These sessions will be highly motivational to stay committed to your process and also to nourish you through the connection with the group.



 Registration for the Walking the Wheel 2024/25 will open soon. Please leave your details below and be the first to know when to join.


Attending 4 modules in-person

Since the Walking the Wheel training is also the first year of our teacher training we only have a limited amount of in-person places available in Amsterdam. If you want to follow the 4 modules in-person let us know a.s.a.p. after registration. The modules are hosted in the city center of Amsterdam at De Nieuwe Yogaschool*. Please note an additional fee applies.

*) without accommodation and meals



"Last night I reviewed the past 70 plus days of the Mastery programme. I am absolutely stunned. Personally it's been a tricky time with some challenges around money, health, disrupted travel plans, and relationships, however my daily practice has kept me steady and disciplined.  And as I read through my journal I find greater awareness - of the effect of the mind and of my own truth and desires. Habits are being broken, words are being used more carefully and effectively, and I'm swinging less wildly between positive and negative - I'm increasingly able to stay neutral and calm. It seems also that miracles are happening - things that have been stalled for years are starting to move, ideas are flowing, and it is much much easier to know the next right step. There is more clarity and self-acknowledgement. It truly feels as if I have come home. ❤️ with deep gratitude Tim and Marieke"


"the Sadhana with the teachings alone feels like a year of master plan itself. I love the way you put light on those principles. It's very helpful, but it's also very challenging in depth...... wow... each day is a soul work for almost a separate Sadhana!"


"It was amazing to feel ‘in my body’ for a whole 90 minutes....every sensation, every feeling and every thought and just RELEASE! 💫 I felt the frustration and stagnant energy almost immediately. The first three chakras were, let’s say, blocked...As time went on I could feel the kundalini rising 🔥 Marieke I thank you so much for the practice, but mostly I thank myself for turning up just for ME tonight for the full 90 minutes 🥰 Although our energy field Is ‘invisible’ it’s there! It’s impacted by our external and internal worlds, it needs as much love and attention as our physical body."


"I found Marieke and Tim via their podcast about 9 months ago -- and have been relying on their insights and guidance ever since. I strongly encourage anyone interested in Kundalini Yoga (or, anyone interested in making their life better -- that was my motivation) to start with one of their online Sadhanas. Great value in my opinion, as I've benefitted tremendously from their daily email support and insights."


"Thanks a million times for the most amazing guidance through this 40 day Sadhana. I loved every email. Most inspirational in a time where I need nothing more than trust in the universe. Just perfect."


"I have done many 40 days meditations in the past but it truly makes a difference to do it with your guidance via the daily emails. It deepens my experience because you make me reflect and help me to bring unconscious aspects into the light. It feels great to do this practice together with a community, I feel supported and motivated and it doesn’t take any effort to do the meditation everyday, I am looking forward to it! Thanks a lot for your encouraging words."


"I would like to express my gratitude for the Sadhana of the past few weeks. What a nice yoga-set and such helpful emails. So many insights, tools, depth and support. Really, very special! Very much looking forward to the upcoming Sadhana. Deep respect for you 🙏 "






After practicing Hatha Yoga for 10 years I switched to Kundalini in 2011 and I am teaching on a daily basis ever since. My classes always are a deepening experience beyond the comfort zone, to discover new dimensions of ‘being’. Self ­observation is playing a key role throughout the practice towards self­ discovery. Teaching Kundalini Yoga is the love of my life and I am passionate about sharing this technology to inspire people on their spiritual journey. Out of this passion Tim and I founded the online Kundalini Yoga School in 2016.



I integrate the teachings of Kundalini Yoga with Psychology. An early fascination for the mind made me choose to study Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. Now, I love sharing yogic knowledge via the online Kundalini Yoga School. Besides Kundalini Yoga classes and private consultations with individuals, I also lead journeys & retreats at inspiring locations worldwide. I am grateful guiding students to establish themselves in their hearts, towards a life filled with compassion and kindness.


Questions & Answers

Is this an online training?

Yes. All the modules and bonuses are hosted online. However, Since the Walking the Wheel training is also the first year of our teacher training we have a limited amount of in-person places available in Amsterdam.


I am not able to attend all the livestreams. Can I still join?

Yes. All the sessions are recorded and available after each module. The sessions will be edited into ‘chapters’ to allow easy replay and you will have access to the recordings for two years. Giving you ample time for integration of the teachings and experiences. 

I live in a different timezone. Can I join this training?

Yes, because all the livestreams are recorded and available for two years. We encourage you to connect with us through livestream during the training days of the modules whenever possible (time wise) to establish a group connection. All the other content offered to you can be done in your own time. 

I only want to do one of the modules. Is this possible?

No. This is a year program in which we commit to a full journey around the sun to offer the best experience. Every module builds upon the previous.

Will I receive a special manual for this training? If so, when?

Yes, you will receive four manuals that accompany the four modules. You will receive each manual through e-mail in the days leading up to the module, giving you time to print it. The manuals cover the theory we will work with in the modules. You also receive several manuals with yoga sets & meditations.

I want to attend the modules in person. Is this possible?

Yes. First register yourself for the training and then contact us a.s.a.p for we only have limited places available. The modules are hosted in the city center of Amsterdam at De Nieuwe Yogaschool*. Please note an additional fee of € 545 incl. VAT applies.

*) without accommodation and meals

Is Walking the Wheel part of the Teacher Training that starts in February 2024?

Yes. This training 'Walking the Wheel' is the first year of the Teacher Training in which the focus lies on your personal development. In this year you will discover the medicine of yoga, meditation and several healing modalities, plus your own unique gifts. In short, you apply the medicine to yourself and your own life. In the second year of teacher training focusses on how to share the medicine with others using Kundalini Yoga techniques. During two residential weeks we will fully focus on sequencing and teaching Kundalini Yoga. These two residential teacher training weeks (hosted in the Netherlands) need to be attended in person as you will spend a lot of time teaching classes. If you want to know more about the full Teacher Training Program click here

Do I need to have previous experience to do this Kundalini Yoga training?

Previous experience is not necessary but you need to feel a deep longing to commit to yourself and your process through yoga and meditation.

How much time will this training take?

Besides all 18 training days we encourage you to integrate the teachings through a regular practice of yoga and meditation. To support you with this we offer you the possibility to join the monthly Sadhanas ( a daily practice with guidance emails). These 11 or 22 days Sadhanas take approx. 20 - 60 minutes a day, depending on how much time you have available. 

Will this training be taught in English?

Yes, and also the manuals will be in English, as well as books on the booklist.

I am a (Kundalini) Yoga Teacher. Is this also the right training for me?

Yes, the curriculum of this training will most certainly enrich your tools and know-how as a teacher.

What does a typical day of training look like?

The training days during the modules will run from 9.30 AM till 5.30 PM including a lunch break. The program of the day will offer you the chance to experience and apply what you learn in the theory directly. It will be a well balanced mix between theory, lecture and practices. 

Can I pay this training in instalments?

Yes! We give the option to pay this training in 4 instalments. If you would like to make use of this option we ask 25 euro per instalment for extra administration costs. The instalments are scheduled every 4 months: 1st instalment November 2023, 2nd instalment March 2023, 3rd instalment before July 2023 and the 4th instalment before Nov. 20th 2023.

If you have any more questions please contact us