Terms & Conditions Kundalini Yoga Journey Bali



In these Terms & Conditions the following terms shall be used according to the definitions below:

  • Agent: You2theWorld / Namaskar Holding BV / Hilde Bleijswijk
  • Yoga Teachers: Kundalini Yoga School / Marieke de Lange & Tim Schipper
  • Client: Participant
  • Booking: Kundalini Yoga Journey to Bali



1. Once the client has accepted these Terms & Conditions, they will apply to all offers, quotes, activities, bookings and agreements between the agent and client(s), unless there is written proof of exception to the Terms & Conditions.

2. The Terms & Conditions also apply to bookings by the client(s) in which third parties are involved.

3. If one or more of the conditions in these Terms & Conditions are no longer valid, the remaining conditions will still apply. In that case, the agent and client(s) will discuss replacement conditions, based on the original conditions.


Travel conditions You2theWorld

1. Participant is taking the trip to Bali on his / her own behalf and at his / her own risk.

2. Participant understands that the down payment of €750 is non refundable and the rest sum only according to the percentages mentioned under point 19.

3.  Participant is responsible for a covering travel- and cancellation insurance for this journey to Bali, including medical insurance and repatriation.

4. Participant understands that Bali is a part of Indonesia, situated in a different continent (Asia). Participant understands that the local facilities (such as transport and (medical) provisions) and safety policies are different compared to Western standards. Unforeseen circumstances related to for example weather, the political situation or natural disasters can influence the (itinerary of the) journey.

5. Participant familiarises himself / herself with the current situation in Bali on – at least – the following two occasions: 1) when making the payment and 2) on the day of departure. Participant verifies the travel conditions and possible travel advice and safety measures provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of his / her country.

6. Before booking, the agent will provide information about the trip to client and answer all his / her questions relating to the journey. When this leads to a booking, the agent will provide a detailed itinerary and packing-&preparation list.

7. Participant is responsible for booking his / her own flight ticket to Denpasar (Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport), unless agent and participant agreed otherwise. All terms and conditions from the airline regarding the flight tickets apply directly to the participant.

8. Participant is responsible for valid travel documents, such as passport, visa, vaccination record (if applicable) and an international driving licence (required if you want to drive a scooter in Bali).

9. Participant declares himself / herself to be older than 21 years and in good physical and mental health and fitness. Participant is obliged to inform the agent if this condition changes prior to or during the trip.

10. Participant is responsible for taking all necessary safety measures regarding their personal health, including a timely visit to the Public Health Service (in the Netherlands: GGD) and potential vaccinations.

11. Participant accepts that the travel itinerary is subject to change dependent on the current situation in Bali. Participant understands that in Bali disruptions (even those due to Balinese traditions or customs) can have an immediate effect, such as: weather, illness, political instability, roadblocks, power cuts, damage to transport et cetera.

12. Accommodation and travel conditions are different compared to Western standards. Participant agrees with middle class accommodation according to Balinese standards. Rooms are shared with two to maximum three people.

13. The price of the journey is a set total fee of €4.500. If paid in full before March 31, 2021, an early bird discount applies of €250.

14. At the time of booking a down payment is made by participant of €750. This down payment is non refundable.

15. Participant will pay the remaining sum before January 1 2022 via the account of Certo Escrow. After booking the trip, participant will receive an invitation by e-mail from Certo Escrow with instructions and information about the payment.

16. Exchanged personal details and information will be strictly confidential and will only be shared with third parties as far as this is required to make bookings.

17. Agent is not responsible for the loss and/or damage of personal possessions, personal injury or (lethal) accidents.

18. Cancellation by participant due to a force majeure event can result in a reimbursement of a percentage of the total sum, depending on when the cancellation is made:

  • cancellation until the 56th calendar day (excluding) before departure: the total sum minus the down payment of €750;
  • on the 56th (including) to the 42nd calendar day before departure: 70% of the total sum;
  • on the 42nd (including) to the 28th calendar day before departure: 50% of the total sum;
  • on the 28th (including) to the 14th calendar day before departure: 25% of the total sum;
  • on the 14th (including) to the 7th calendar day before departure: 10% of the total sum; and
  • on the 7th (including) to the day of departure: 0% of the total sum.

19. Cancellation by You2theWorld due to a force majeure event will result in a replacement programme, yoga teachers and / or agent.

20. If the trip does not meet the expectations of the participant, the participant will inform the agent of this and his/her reasons during or at the latest two weeks after the trip.


Guarantee arrangement

You2theWorld is registered at the STO travel guarantee fund. This means that, in case of bankruptcy or suspension of payment, the total fee of the participant will be released to Stichting Take Over (STO). STO will then look after the correct (financial) settlement with the participant or, if the booked trip (package deal) includes the outbound and inbound flight, STO will look after possible repatriation of the participant. STO-travel guarantee is valid for all package deals.