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Speak your truth Sadhana

Words are like seeds you plant in the present moment that will eventually become your future. Is what you say truly what you want to put out there? 

In this 22 day Sadhana we focus on satya which is all about being truthful. We look into the power of words and become aware of how we create our lives through what we say.

Say what you mean & mean what you Say

Kundalini Yoga Practice

Practice videos & Livestreams

This Sadhana comes with pre-recorded practice videos and we will share a yoga sequence for the first 11 days. You can choose which one you prefer to do each day. Both practices focus on freeing blocked energy from unresolved issues related to throat area and strengthens your self-expression. 


Your daily Kundalini Yoga practice in combination with our email guidance will give you a steady structure to make a significant change


Daily Practice 


Sadhana is your daily practice of yoga, meditation and self-reflection and thus it is the backbone of your spiritual growth. The offered guidance will help you to bring forth the required dedication and inner work, as you commit to a daily practice for 22 days. The self reflection & contemplation in combination with asana, breath and mantra will help you to manifest consciously with your words. 


Doing Sadhana has a profound ripple effect into your experience of daily life


What to expect?

The daily practice of yoga & meditation brings awareness to unresolved issues connected to the throat area and supports conscious communication and self-expression. Participation in this 22 day Sadhana will give you:


√.  integration of a daily spiritual practice (Sadhana)

√.  a solid foundation for your spiritual growth

√.  keys to more conscious communication 

√.  the strength to choose uplifting words

√.  awareness of the effects of your spoken words 




what People are Saying

"First of all, I have deep appreciation for Marieke and Tim's dedication to their teaching and practice. This Sadhana, and my previous 'Inner Peace Sadhana', have given me such fabulous support as I begin my journey into kundalini yoga. It has in particular been a great recourse to sanity during challenging times - and a timely reminder that we have constant recourse to sanity within ourselves whenever we choose it. I'm a writer so can produce many weasel words. However on this occasion what comes up for me as I reflect is that over the 22 day of Sadhana I have learned more and more to put me in me, and to remember my soul is the friend of my body. These have been the most powerful insights for me. The physical practice and daily 'qualification' have supported these beautifully. I am more aware of the truth, less prepared to engage in gossip, more prepared to engage in dialogue, much more aware of my voice and when to use it, and when to just let my body do the talking too!! Thank you so much."


"Very grateful for this online possibility to receive the profound and beautiful teachings of Kundalini Yoga . The quality is high, the teachings are well prepared and Tim and Marieke are both pleasant, passioned and qualified Kundalini Yoga teachers."


"I have really enjoyed and learned from this Sadhana, I have been practising the Kriya for truthful living and the mediation for a neutral mind for the past 22 days. Thank you for you inspiration and daily emails. I am going to continue for 40 days!"


"I still do the meditation every morning, first thing..... Tim, you have such a gift for sharing and you Marieke, you are such an amazing, deep writer ...... such a blessing to have found you in this Kundalini sea of teachers.....Thank you and please know that you touch people so deep with You and your shared practice..... Blessing and only good vibes, deeply touched."


Thank you very much for your guidance. It inspires me a lot. Your words gave so much deepening in the experience of the meditation. It is beautiful to feel the resonation during my practice. I'm grateful to have joined this Sadhana with you. 🙏🏻


" Thank You Marieke and Tim for the guidance during this Sadhana and the mails with a lot of information and things to think about. I am still going strong on day 16, and I notice that I am more relaxed in conversations and take more time to listen and not trying to have my answer ready, so still some things to work on... Thanks and have a good time in Italy! "


"Dear Marieke and Tim, thank you for the opportunity to participate in this Sadhana. I am gaining lots of insight and struggling somewhat within myself. I'm not physically able to do the Kriya everyday so have been attempting the meditations which I still find a challenge both physically and mentally. I noticed at the beginning of this Sadhana I became super agitated and my 'word' became quite aggressive until I started to focus inwardly more and not resist so much. I am loving your daily emails and suggestions/reflections as I feel this topic is definitely one I need to work on still. I have been practising 'listening' for quite a few years now, even so, to really listen to others and hear what they say takes a lot of perseverance because it's so easy to give ones own opinion or advice. As a child I was shown that someone always had to be right and the other wrong and so there was always a battle and sides to pick. It took me many years into adulthood to discover another way. Thank you for this wonderful practise. I'm very grateful to you both and to everyone in the community sharing themselves and their experiences."


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The content of this Sadhana (written guidance and videos) will be organised in our community and learning app. The structure of this application supports your learning experience and is the perfect way to journey together as a community. The structure of this new application will support your learning experience and is the perfect way to journey together as a community. Joining this Sadhana will give you access to the App!


We grow together in community


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Register yourself to activate the email guidance and the learning content in the app

frequently asked questions



√. Previous (Kundalini) yoga-experience is not required. Your motivation and commitment to the practice is enough.

√. For this Kundalini Yoga practice you will need around 15 - 90 minutes a day. You can choose if you practice the full yoga set and/ or meditation or only parts of it.

√. You will practice with the pre-recorded videos.

√. You can ask questions in the online community App. Here you directly connect with us (Marieke & Tim) and other community members.

√. In the community & learning app we organise all the Speak your truth Sadhana content for easy access. 

√. You can do your practice anytime of the day. We suggest to choose a time that works best for you. It is recommended to meditate before sunrise or around sunset, because at that time the energy is most neutral for meditation and yoga.

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