11 days


In this 11 day Sadhana we will focus on your kidneys and adrenals to recharge your batteries, fight fatigue and help you diminish the negative side effects of stress. The daily guidance emails will support you in finding your way to flow with live instead of going against the current.


Everyday you will do the Kriya for the Kidneys & Adrenals to beat fatigue and stress. When the kidney energy is strong we are able to flow along with life without fear & worry. 

Your daily Kundalini Yoga practice with our guidance via email and the online Community will give you a steady structure to make a significant change in your life.


✦ You currently feel stuck in your life
✦ You want to want to heal & recover from a stressful period in your life
✦ You feel really tired are experiencing a lack of energy and stamina

You are struggling with symptoms of burnout
✦ You feel edgy and agitated
✦ You do not know which direction to go in, you can’t find your star in the sky


✦  Transformation with a daily practice of the Kriya [approx. 45 minutes a day]
✦  Deep inner-work through the unique daily guidance emails [approx. 15 minutes a day]
✦  Healing, deep relaxation, rejuvenation
✦  A powerful technique to boost your energy level 

✦  A chance to let go of a lot of fear, agitation, worry and suppressed emotions
✦  Group support through the Online Community, the great feeling you are not alone
✦  Direct contact with experienced Kundalini Yoga teachers in the Online Community


"Take the matter into your own hands and use the technique of Kundalini Yoga to make a difference"



Thank you, for the motivation, inspiration and care in your emails. It really gave me the power to go for it. Thank you all for replying and sharing in this community.  -- Esther

I had more connection with my feelings, could release my thoughts better and to be soft and kind to myself. I found trust, love and connection within myself. It opens my heart and I want to spread it to the world! Thank you all for your openness and sharing. Specially Tim and Marieke for the loving guidance. It feels like a big connected family with a lot of love and support.  -- Katja

I cleaned my kidneys but my house as well, it came naturally. All the old stuff out! Amazing!! Wahe Guru!! Thank you for all the online sadhanas! -- Alice

Dear Marieke and Tim, it was a great time for me these 11 days....I felt so good, no pain in my body and lots of energy. Family matters is a bit different for me but i keep on working on it. That’s why I decided to go for the 40 days!! YEAHH!!!!! Some days it was a bit hard to start....monkey mind tried to get some things fixed but your emails, support and the sanghat were stronger, lucky me. Thanks all and a big big hug. -- Carin

As a brand new kundalini yogi I have truly appreciated Marieke and Tim's authenticity, dedication and generosity in sharing their practice and understanding with the world. I have found it very inspiring and easy to begin to build a kundalini practice. I have been joyfully astounded by its effectiveness, so ably facilitated by Marieke and Tim. Thank you.  -- Juliet

It was fantastic, new doors opening for me. -- Victor

Very grateful for this online possibility to receive the profound and beautiful teachings of Kundalini Yoga . The quality is high, the teachings are well prepared and Tim and Marieke are both pleasant, passioned and qualified Kundalini Yoga teachers.  -- Myr

Thank you Marieke, Tim and the whole group! Just finished the Kriya again today, going for the 40 days. Healing myself. -- Nathalie

Beautiful experience, feeling so grateful! Life changing experience!!! I learned so much about the kidneys and I could feel the power of this Sadhana inside me. I’m very grateful to you both. I just love this community, it’s so inspiring. I go for the 40 days. Thanks for making it happen.  -- Cassilda

Hi there, I wanted to say that I really liked the kriya, my kidneys liked it. I feel that it has done them well. I sometimes wake up at night having pain in the kidneys. I hope that doesn‘t occur any more when I‘m doing this kriya once in a while. I really liked your support and it helped me to start with the kriya every day! Thank You! -- Kat

Excellent teachings. Clear, dedicated, high level of presence and awareness from the teachers. Easy to develop a daily practice with these teachings and lovely to have the support of the online community. -- Carmen 

 The online school is a fantastic revelation in my life! In my experience, Marieke and Tim are great guides to the light and to spiritual growth. They know exactly how to guide people remotely. I recommend it to everyone. Many personal experiences that touch you and make you think! -- Conchita

 Share your experiences, ask questions and be inspired in our Online Community

Receive extra guidance and support from the teachers and community members




After practicing Hatha Yoga for 10 years I switched to Kundalini in 2011 and I am teaching on a daily basis ever since. My classes always are a deepening experience beyond the comfort zone, to discover new dimensions of ‘being’. Self ­observation is playing a key role throughout the practice towards self­ discovery. Teaching Kundalini Yoga is the love of my life and I am passionate about sharing this sacred technology to inspire people on their spiritual journey. Out of this passion Tim and I founded the online Kundalini Yoga School in 2016.



As a Yoga-psychologist I integrate the teachings of Kundalini Yoga with Psychology. An early fascination for the mind made me choose to study Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. I love sharing yoga via the Online Kundalini Yoga School. Besides Kundalini Yoga classes and private consultations with individuals, I also lead journeys & retreats at inspiring locations worldwide. I am grateful guiding students to establish themselves in their hearts, towards a life filled with compassion and kindness.


 with or without annual membership


with or without annual membership


with or without annual membership



Is this guided Sadhana going to be a live-stream?

In this Sadhana we work with 1 pre-recorded kriya video on the  Video Page. It is not a live-stream. This will allow you to play the kriya video at a time that suits you best.

Will I receive a different video every day?

We will practice the same meditation with 1 pre-recorded kriya video on the Video Page. This will allow you to play the meditation-video at a time that suits you best.

At what time will I receive the daily guidance email?

We send out the emails in the early morning (your timezone). This will allow you to read it before you start your practice.

Do I need to do this Sadhana at 5 a.m. in the morning?

You don't have to get up at 5 a.m. in the morning. You can do your practice anytime of the day. Choose a time that works best for you. It is recommended to meditate before sunrise, because at that time the energy is most neutral for meditation and yoga.

Do I need previous experience with (Kundalini) Yoga to join this Sadhana?

Previous yoga-experience is not required for this meditation. Your motivation and commitment to the practice is enough.

How much time do I need to carve out for this practice?

For this Kundalini Yoga Kriya 'for the Kidneys & Adrenals' you will need around 45 - 60 minutes each day; including a relaxation afterwards. The assignments and reflections via email will take about 5 - 10 minutes each day.

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