22 days detox


Boost your vitality Sadhana

Help your body to rejuvenate, revitalise, gain health and strength with an enjoyable Detox Program with healthy food (100 % plant based) & daily yoga. This physical, mental and emotional detox supports the release of toxins and the negative side effects of stress.


Become clear, clean & radiant

Kundalini Yoga Practice

Practice videos & Livestreams

Next to the healthy recipes, this Sadhana comes with pre-recorded practice videos and we will share a new sequence via livestream for the first 11 days. You can choose which one you prefer to do each day. Both practices help your body to rejuvenate, revitalise and to gain health and strength. 


Your daily Kundalini Yoga practice in combination with our email guidance will give you a steady structure to make a significant change


Daily Practice 


Sadhana is your daily practice of yoga, meditation and self-reflection and thus it is the backbone of your spiritual growth. The offered guidance (+ recipes) will help you to bring forth the required dedication and inner work, as you commit to a daily practice for 22 days. The self reflection & contemplation in combination with asana, breath and mantra will help you to rejuvenate body, mind and spirit. 


Doing a detox Sadhana has a profound ripple effect on your experience of daily life


What to expect?

In this 22 day Sadhana we dive deeper into the Niyamas (positive actions) with a physical detox in which we explore saucha (cleanliness of body & mind), santosha (contentment) and tapas (self discipline). Participation in this 22 day Sadhana will give you:


√.  detox of body and mind

√.  overall sense of wellbeing, more energy and vitality 

√.  many delicious 100% plant based detox recipes

√.  hands on keys to take good care for yourself  

√.  integration of a daily spiritual practice (Sadhana)

√.  a solid foundation for your spiritual growth



What people are saying

"Thank you for sharing your experiences and delicious recipes. And thanks Marieke and Tim for your inspiring emails and motivational words. It was my first time eating completely vegan and I love it. It feels really good to be conscious about what to eat. Feeling Clear & Radiant." 🙏


"Wauw what a difference. Grateful to have made this journey, brought me a lot; putting myself in the first place, more self love, feeling less tired, feeling more power and energy, choosing for healthy food and not following my unhealthy desires. Thank you all for the support in sharing our journey." ♥️


"Just finished the last Yoga practice of this 22 days 😄 😍 It was at moments very challenging but I kept going and am so proud! A lot of inner movement came up, that I was able to observe objectively and so I became less reactive. Also besides the mat, whaauw! So thank you, Marieke, Tim and this whole group! 💚 twinkle twinkle


"I loved the detox and the delicious food, I really spent a lot of time to buy and prepare the delicious pure food....I really enjoyed it!! So much inspiration to go on preparing the vegan dishes, so I will stick to the vegan diet 😊 Don't want to go back to the toxic stuff! The daily Yoga was my me-time and it felt so good doing this for me. So yes definitely an amazing experience!!! Thanks Marieke and Tim for your guidance and the beautiful recipes and thanks community for sharing your experiences and recipes."


"What a great experience, this detox! Although I always cook fresh meals, I have become much more aware of what I eat and drink. I have felt the benefits of cold showers, and will continue as its so invigorating. Doing Yoga in the morning makes me feel fit. So I will definitely continue with something physical in the morning. Making decisions has a new flavour to it: I learn more and more to deal with my mind in a positive way. I do reap the benefits already on many levels. I feel more focused, more secure, calmer, stronger, more clear, more open, more inspired, more connected to my soul."


"I am really happy that I decided do the Detox Sadhana. Marieke and Tim, thank you for the guidance every day you were there supporting my process. I feel a better version of myself. I don't want to stop. I will continue my diet till Sunday, 3 more days to go, maybe more. I definitely will keep doing the kundalini meditation and exercises. I drink the detox juice every morning!"


Thank you very much for your guidance. It inspires me a lot. I miss the daily mails already. Your words gave so much deepening in the experience of the meditation. It is beautiful to feel the resonation during my practice. I'm grateful to have joined this Sadhana with you. 🙏🏻 



Marieke & Tim



After practicing Hatha Yoga for 10 years I switched to Kundalini in 2011 and I am teaching on a daily basis ever since. My classes always are a deepening experience beyond the comfort zone, to discover new dimensions of ‘being’. Self ­observation is playing a key role throughout the practice towards self­ discovery. Teaching Kundalini Yoga is the love of my life and I am passionate about sharing this technology to inspire people on their spiritual journey. Out of this passion Tim and I founded the online Kundalini Yoga School in 2016.



As a Yoga-psychologist I integrate the teachings of Kundalini Yoga with Psychology. An early fascination for the mind made me choose to study Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. Now, I love sharing yogic knowledge via the online Kundalini Yoga School. Besides Kundalini Yoga classes and private consultations with individuals, I also lead journeys & retreats at inspiring locations worldwide. I am grateful guiding students to establish themselves in their hearts, towards a life filled with compassion and kindness.

With or without Annual membership 

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Start this 22 days Sadhana for 49 euro, or start this Sadhana with an annual membership including access to all practice videos and all livestreams for 99 euro:

With or without Annual membership 

Start Sadhana

Start this 22 days Sadhana for 49 euro, or start this Sadhana with an annual membership including access to all practice videos and all livestreams for 99 euro:

With or without Annual membership 

Start Sadhana

Start this 22 days Sadhana with your Learn Plan for 39 euro (instead of € 49), or start this Sadhana and upgrade to an Understand Plan including access to all practice videos and all livestreams for 79 euro (instead of € 99):


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Start Sadhana

Start this 22 days Sadhana with your Understand plan for 39 euro (instead of € 49)


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frequently asked questions



√. Previous (Kundalini) yoga-experience is not required. Your motivation and commitment to the practice is enough.

For this Kundalini Yoga practice you will need around 15 - 90 minutes a day. You can choose if you practice the full yoga set and/ or meditation or only parts of it.

√. The new practice will be shared via livestream during the first 11 days of the Sadhana from 7.00 till 8.30 AM CET. After these 11 days you can choose to continue the full practice or choose one aspect that best suits your needs/time schedule. 

The first 4 days of the detox program are pre-tox days in which you prepare for the full 100 % plant based and sugar free detox. During these days you can also do the necessary shopping. We will guide you in this process step-by-step.  

You can ask questions in the online community. Here you directly connect with us (Marieke & Tim) and other community members.

You will receive our guidance email in the early morning (your timezone). This will allow you to read it before you start your practice.

You can do your practice anytime of the day. We suggest to choose a time that works best for you. 

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