Know Thyself & Be You

11 days Sadhana


Know thyself & be you Sadhana

Move beyond ordinary knowledge to a new way of insight and deeper perception through self-study and daily meditation. With your curiosity, the practice of introspection and meditation we develop the witness position and the ability to shift our identification beyond limited self beliefs. 


Learn the art of turning within


daily Kundalini Yoga practice

For 11 days we practice the same Kundalini Yoga Set that helps to bring our attention within, each day a little more. We’ll do an asana sequence to arrive in our bodies, get the prana flowing to prepare ourselves for meditation. There will be a guided body scan to deeply get in touch with all that is present within you right now, we’ll chant a beautiful mantra to call upon our higher self to guide us towards our True Self and we’ll sit in silent meditation to clear ourselves from within.

We have created this sequence as an offering to hold space for our thoughts and emotions so they can move, be seen and felt, can transform and be released. The full Yoga set takes 90 minutes. If you prefer a shorter daily practice you can also choose to do the meditation only (20 minutes).

All sessions are recorded (no livestreams) and you can practice at a time that suits you best

Your daily Kundalini Yoga practice in combination with our daily guidance will give you a steady structure to make a significant change


Daily Practice 


Sadhana is your daily practice of yoga, meditation and self-reflection and thus it is the backbone of your spiritual growth. The offered guidance will help you to bring forth the required dedication and inner work, as you commit to a daily practice for 11 days. The self reflection & contemplation in combination with asana, breath and mantra will help you to rejuvenate body, mind and spirit. 


Doing a Sadhana has a profound ripple effect on your experience of daily life


What to expect?

In this 11 day Sadhana we dive deeper into the Niyamas (positive actions). We explore Svadhyaya (self-study) with which we learn how our mind, emotions and senses work. We free ourselves from mechanical and compulsive patterns born out of a lack of awareness and this clears the way for more original thinking. Participation in this 11 day Sadhana will give you: 


√. discernment that you are not just who you ‘think’ you are 

√. reconnection with yourself beyond assumed stereotypes

√. the possibility to change your self image

√. a wider perspective to solve personal problems

√. a beginner’s mind (the ability to experience the moment with freshness and wonder)

√.  integration of a daily spiritual practice (Sadhana)

Kundalini Yoga School App

App for learning & community

The content of this Sadhana (written guidance and videos) will be organised in our community and learning app. The structure of this application supports your learning experience and is the perfect way to journey together as a community. The structure of this new application will support your learning experience and is the perfect way to journey together as a community. Joining this Sadhana will give you access to the App!


We grow together in community


Register yourself to activate the email guidance and the learning content in the app

Register yourself to activate the email guidance and the learning content in the app


What people are saying

"Everyday I enjoyed reading your sweet & useful guidance. They always seem to come just at the right time and really help me to relax."


"Very grateful for this online possibility to receive the profound and beautiful teachings of Kundalini Yoga . The quality is high, the teachings are well prepared and Tim and Marieke are both pleasant, passioned and qualified Kundalini Yoga teachers."


"Thank you so much for this journey. I am deeply touched by the process I went through, from darkness to the light. I am in the light again! Full of Trust. I am so grateful to you and myself. I feel this online practice is a beautiful addition to my regular Kundalini Yoga classes. Looking forward to join the next online Sadhana."


"The online school is a fantastic revelation in my life! In my experience, Marieke and Tim are great guides to the light and to spiritual growth. They know exactly how to guide people remotely. I recommend it to everyone. Many personal experiences that touch you and make you think!"


"As a brand new kundalini yogi I have truly appreciated Marieke and Tim's authenticity, dedication and generosity in sharing their practice and understanding with the world. I have found it very inspiring and easy to begin to build a kundalini practice. I have been joyfully astounded by its effectiveness, so ably facilitated by Marieke and Tim. Thank you."


"Love their videos and liked the organisation of the webpage, very good videos, using this to start my early AM practice."


frequently asked questions



√. Previous (Kundalini) yoga-experience is not required. Your motivation and commitment to the practice is enough.

√. For this Kundalini Yoga practice you will need around 20 - 90 minutes a day. You can choose if you practice the full yoga set and/ or the mantra meditation. 

√. You will practice with pre-recorded videos. 

√. Every day we practice the same yoga practice to deepen our experience. 

√. You can ask questions in the online community (app). Here you directly connect with us (Marieke & Tim) and others.

√. You will receive our guidance email in the (early) morning. This will allow you to read it before you start your practice.

√. In the community & learning app we organise all the Sadhana content for easy access. 

√. You can do your practice anytime of the day. We suggest to choose a time that works best for you.