11 day email guidance + Kundalini Yoga


In this 11 day Sadhana we set a strong foundation, break habits and develop roots for life. Through the daily practice of an 11 minute meditation energy that was blocked in unresolved issues can start to be used for new creativity, vitality and dedicated to action serving your higher good. 


Everyday you will do the meditation 'for the lower triangle' for 11 minutes as your daily practice.

Your daily Kundalini Yoga practice with our guidance via email and the online Community will give you a steady structure to make a significant change in your life.


  • You want to set a strong foundation for your spiritual growth

  • You want to open the space to change your habits

  • You want to start healing unresolved issues related to your past

  • You want to break free from repeating patterns

  • You want to understand more about the workings of the first three chakras

  • You want to unblock stored energy to flow properly

  • You want to get a clearer picture why you behave in a certain way

  • You want to get in touch with your emotions

Take the matter into your own hands and use the powerful technique of Kundalini Yoga to make a difference.


  • Transformation with a daily meditation of 11
    minutes a day

  • Deep inner-work through the unique daily
    guidance emails [approx. 15 minutes a day]

  • A direct way to help restore from deep
    seated stress

  • A powerful technique to ground yourself

  • The possibility to heal old wounds

  • An empowering experience that will unleash vital life force energy

  • Uplifting teachings and powerful pointings from Yogi Bhajan

  • Group support through the Online Community, the great feeling you are not alone

  • Direct contact with experienced Kundalini Yoga teachers in the Online Community


I want to express my gratitude for this meditation and your guidance in it. If I now compare the first day with today I can say that I feel a big change. Not only when I do the practice but also my feelings afterwards. During the practice today I felt a warm energy flowing through my arms like if I felt no blockings. I feel I can rest in it and this gives me a peaceful feeling like I am coming home in my body. Afterwards I feel more grounded and at ease. During the day I am more conscious. I really hope that this meditation will help me to come in touch with my inner voice so I can be more confident and follow my own path without feelings of guilt. Thank you so much ! I am very glad that I have met you two. It is like you are with me when I practice. Congratulations with the videos and the way you make your practice. Much love! -- Christina

I feel more calm. Like I can see the things more clear and I can feel more peace in the situation just as it is. Feel more confidence in the things that I do. Thanks Marieke and Tim for this Sadhana and all the supportive mails. It was really helpfull. -- Manuela

Thank you for the nice online course that I could follow thanks to your efforts. So far, I manage to do one or more exercises daily. The locations of the videos are particularly beautiful. The explanation is clear and "to the point". Also the accompanying emails during the 11 day Sadhana I found very enriching and brought me deeper insights. Thank you for your support. Sat Nam -- Diederik 

Sat Nam, I had a wonderful experience with Yoga and Sadhana of 11 days was fantastic. Nice greetings, -- Marija

I reallly love the sadhanas you share and look forward to every single wonderful email - I am following you since quite a while doing all the monday meditations and love the inspirational sunday mails. As for most of us life is a big challenge loaded with information and tasks at work and at home. Through kundalini yoga I learned to change my view on stressful live events - still everyday learning to master the mind. I would also love to join the Teacher training you offer - but I am not sure if this will work out this year as I have two kids who need me at home. For now I am still working on transforming the habit of emotional unhealthy snacking into healthy mindful eating. My second habit on the list is my ˋonline shopping addictionˋ - still try to find out which needs this is fulfilling. Through you I finally try to work on these habits that bother me for a very long time. Thank you so much for being there and doing all of this! All the best. Sat Nam -- Stephanie

I still do the meditation every morning, first thing..... Tim, you have such a gift for sharing and you Marieke, you are such an amazing, deep writer ...... such a blessing to have found you in this Kundalini sea of teachers.....Thank you and please know that you touched people so deep with You and your share practice..... Blessing and only good vibes, deeply touched, -- Valeria

I found (and find) the accompanying e-mails particularly helpful, supportive and inspiring. Especially day 10 and day 11 were of great value to come to the core / cause of certain habits. You know it, but you do not realise it consciously. The online community is a nice place to discuss things that you run into, the mails are supportive, clear and with lots of background information. I also find it inspiring to get so much background information about what a certain kriya or meditation is good for and why. The daily assignments ensure that you actually actively get started with the matter and that many unconscious patterns become conscious / visible. Regards -- Maaike

 Share your experiences, ask questions and be inspired in our Online Community

Receive extra guidance and support from the teachers and community members






After practicing Hatha Yoga for 10 years I switched to Kundalini in 2011 and I am teaching on a daily basis ever since. My classes always are a deepening experience beyond the comfort zone, to discover new dimensions of ‘being’. Self ­observation is playing a key role throughout the practice towards self­ discovery. Teaching Kundalini Yoga is the love of my life and I am passionate about sharing this sacred technology to inspire people on their spiritual journey. Out of this passion Tim and I founded the online Kundalini Yoga School in 2016.




As a Yoga-psychologist I integrate the teachings of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan with Psychology. An early fascination for the mind made me choose to study Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. Now, my entrepreneural spirit loves sharing the yogic-teachings via the Online Kundalini Yoga School. Besides Kundalini Yoga classes and private consultations with individuals, I also lead journeys & retreats at inspiring locations worldwide. I am grateful guiding students to establish themselves in their hearts, towards a life filled with compassion and kindness.


with or without annual membership


with or without annual membership


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Is this guided Sadhana going to be a live-stream?

In this Sadhana we work with 1 pre-recorded kriya video on the  Video Page. It is not a live-stream. This will allow you to play the kriya video at a time that suits you best.

Will I receive a different video every day?

No, we will practice the same meditation with 1 pre-recorded kriya video on the Video Page*. This will allow you to play the meditation-video at a time that suits you best.

*You will have access to all the videos on the practice page. 

Can I ask questions during the Sadhana?

Yes, you can ask your questions. We have an online community where you can directly connect with us (Marieke & Tim) and other community members.

Do I need to do this Sadhana at 5 a.m. in the morning?

You don't have to get up at 5 a.m. in the morning. You can do your practice anytime of the day. Choose a time that works best for you. It is recommended to meditate before sunrise, because at that time the energy is most neutral for meditation and yoga.

Do I need previous experience with (Kundalini) Yoga to join this Sadhana?

Previous yoga-experience is not required for this meditation. Your motivation and commitment to the practice is enough.

How much time do I need to carve out for this practice?

For this Kundalini Yoga Meditation 'for the lower triangle' you will need around 15 minutes each day; including a relaxation afterwards. The assignments and reflections via email will take about 10 minutes each day.

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