Kundalini Yoga Session with Marieke
Do a full Kundalini Yoga class with a kriya and a meditation to become ‘Clear and Radiant’. In this online Kundalini Yoga class Marieke will share Kundalini Yoga techniques to help you honor the sacred gift of life making your body & mind clear so the light of your spirit will radiate through you.


It is a beautiful preparation for the 22 days of the Spring Detox Sadhana, handing your extra spiritual and practical tools to deepen its effect. If you know someone who might benefit from joining this practice, please feel free to invite them, you do not need to be a member of the school to join. Previous experience is not necessary. After registration you will receive a link to do the session.


Make a donation or receive this session as a gift

Receive this session as a gift* or make a minimum donation of €5

*When you join the Online Guided Spring Detox Sadhana you don’t have to sign-up below. You will receive this session as a gift with the detox sadhana registration.