Join the Sadhana: 'Courage to be Vulnerable'

During this 40 day Sadhana [daily spiritual practice] we will do the same Kundalini Yoga Breathing exercise [Meditation] every day. You will practice for 40 days with the video on the Practice page. Our guidance via email and the online community, in combination with your daily Kundalini Yoga practice will give you a steady structure to make a significant change in your daily life.

In this Sadhana ‘Courage to be Vulnerable‘ we will meditate together with an ancient and sacred pranayama (11 minutes) to tune into a higher frequency where you can honour and respect yourself. This will allow you to feel the power of your vulnerability and let it be your asset that qualifies you. We have decided to use Japji, a poem written by an enlightened master named Guru Nanak about 500 hundred years ago, as our teacher in this Sadhana. We talked a lot about the power of words and sound in the previous 11 day sadhana ‘Dare to be You’, Guru Nanak spread his teachings through singing his insights, so they would enter people’s minds and hearts. It is said that when you chant these words even now they can help you very directly to bring yourself in the same state of awareness as the master. This Sadhana is a true Self-Initiation that requires some discipline and respect towards the practice.

Are your ready to change yourself inside out?


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Sat Nam,
Marieke & Tim