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Reveal the essence of being a teacher

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness. If you hear the calling of your awakening awareness to go on a journey from which you will return with the ability to share your medicine with the world; this course offers you such a journey. We live in times when this technology and these teachings are very effective tools for healing and elevation. Allow yourself to apply it as a practitioner, and to master it as a teacher.

This course will qualify you to become a professional, international Kundalini Yoga teacher. It will give you the theory and the experience needed to be able to share this spiritual technology wherever you are. It will support you in becoming the teacher you are meant to be.

This training is for you

This training is offered to you as a retreat, away from your daily lives. It allows you to dive deeper into the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and to experience a yogic lifestyle. This is a touching healing journey which supports a profound shift of habits and perspectives of the world and of yourself. The dedicated team and the wonderful location will allow you to immerse yourself into this empowering, transformational, life changing process.

This level 1 training is for anyone; with a long history of yoga practice or very little experience, at any age (over 18), any phase of life, any profession, location, or situation.

Become a professional certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Expand your toolkit as a Coach/ Therapist/ Healer

Deepen your experience and understanding of Kundalini Yoga

Bring Kundalini Yoga to your daily life and to your environment

Spend quality time with a devoted group of people


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Trainers & Support team

This training involves a deep transformational process. You will receive the guidance of the trainers and support of the team. Together with the group energy, it will allow an authentic learning experience to occur.

Simrit Kaur

Simrit Kaur

Lead Trainer

Simrit is an independent Kundalini Yoga trainer (Level 1 and 2). Simrit has been a major contributor to bringing Kundalini Yoga to the Middle East. She is the first Israeli Lead Trainer and lives the life of a “Kundalini Pilgrim” – teaching and traveling in Israel and in Europe. She teaches with a huge respect to the origin and with much love to originality.

 Simrit Kaur is a living example of someone who is fully committed and dedicated to service. She is a teacher, a leader, and holds a yogic integrity on all levels. She is a loving, caring and compassionate teacher with an amazing capacity to direct, guide and uplift others. Check the short introduction video of Simrit Kaur on Facebook here.

Marieke de Lange / Atma Shant Kaur

Marieke de Lange / Atma Shant Kaur

Support team & Mentor

Marieke, co-founder of Kundalini Yoga School will be assisting and supporting throughout the training. After practicing Hatha Yoga for 10 years Marieke switched to Kundalini in 2011 and she is teaching on a daily basis ever since. Teaching Kundalini Yoga is the love of her life and she is passionate about sharing this sacred technology to inspire people on their spiritual journey.

Tim Schipper / Mohandayal Singh

Tim Schipper / Mohandayal Singh

Support team & Mentor

Tim, co-founder of the Online Kundalini Yoga School integrates the teachings of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan with Psychology. His entrepreneural spirit loves sharing the yogic-teachings in a contempary way, guiding people to establish themselves in their hearts, towards a life filled with compassion and kindness.

Satwant Kaur

Satwant Kaur

Professional Trainer

Satwant Kaur has been teaching Kundalini Yoga for almost twenty years, originally training in her native Canada, and continuing the path after moving to the United Kingdom in 2005. Satwant teaches on Teacher Training programmes in the UK and internationally. She has a professional background as a speech and language therapist, and works in the health service with adults with neurological diagnoses. This background naturally lead her to an interest in sound and mantra, and in eastern and western anatomy. She also has a love for music, and released her first mantra album, Path of Love, in 2017.




Het Lichthuis (the House of Light), is located in a former church and adjoining parsonage house in Zandvoort aan Zee. Just 5 minutes away from the beach, a magnificent nature reserve and the train station. We stay in charming and comfortable apartments on sharing base. Each apartment has its own facilities, and direct access to the surrounding garden. See for more details: www.hetlichthuis.nl


The 3rd week of this training will be held in a unique environment of peace and quietness, the Arava Desert in Israel.

“If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to master it, teach it!” — Yogi Bhajan

Training Structure

Part 1
Locate Yourself

  • History of Yoga
  • The Aquarian Age
  • Yogic Philosophy
  • Yogic anatomy and the chakra system
  • Spiritual development
  • Choices of habits and yogic life style
  • Sadhana – commitment to a daily practice

Part 2
The Teaching Lab

  • Transition from student to teacher
  • Understand the role of the teacher:
    – roles and responsibilities
    – the code of ethics
  • Experience teaching in The Teaching Lab
    – Prana and Pranayam
    – Sound and Mantra
  • The 10 spiritual bodies
  • Basic yogic Numerology

Part 3
Learn to learn 

  • Humanology – applied psychology of the human being:
    – Conscious Communication
    – Authentic Relationships
    – Life Cycles
    – Death and Dying
  • Course review
  • Open marking final Exam

Certification & Requirements

This training is certified by KRI – Kundalini Research Institute (USA) and recognized by Yoga Alliance (USA). Upon successful completion of the training you receive the “International Kundalini Yoga Level 1 – Instructor” certificate which qualifies you as a teacher for registration as member of the local Dutch Kundalini Yoga Teachers association (Kundalini Yoga Nederland – KYN) and the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association (IKYTA), which include internet listings and other professional benefits.


  • Attendance and participation in all modules (absence of more than 20% may result in a student completing the course by attendance at a future Teacher Training program , but not longer than 2 years)
  • Timely payment of all course fees
  • Satisfactory teaching practice assessment
  • Passing grade on the KRI written exam
  • Attend 20 KY classes outside the course taught by an KRI certified instructor.
  • Creation of 2 yoga class series or 2 retreats curricula
  • Attendance at a one day White Tantric Yoga Meditation Course (if offered locally)
  • Participation in a minimum of 5 full early morning Aquarian Sadhana
  • Completion of at least one assigned: 40-days kriya/meditation
  • Submission of all course work up to 40 days after the end of the training.
  • Course and trainer evaluation feedback
  • Upholding the teachers code of conduct


Contact Information

Tim & Marieke: mail@kundaliniyogaschool.org
Skype: tim.schipper
Mobile: 0031 6 82 94 03 28