the learning journey

self-mastery modules & residential weeks


8 - 12 FEB 2023 (5 DAYS)


Foundation; coming home in your body

The five elements & the meridians

In this first module we start at the foundation through getting to know the five elements. Our health, vitality and inner sense of stability is closely linked to a proper balance of the five elements in our being and this balance is an important aspect of Kundalini Yoga practice.

Through learning the subtle anatomy of the energy pathways (meridians) as known in Traditional Chinese Medicine we discover how the energies of the five elements operate within us. You will learn about the twelve main meridians, their corresponding organs and bodily systems and how they all interact. A big part of this training is dedicated to allow you to experientially understand how to work with specific asanas, mudras & mantras to help restore balance and proper energy flow within the body mind system.

This module takes place in Winter and we are invited to dive deeply within to reconnect to our inner wisdom and dedicate time to self care, healing and wellbeing. These topics will be interwoven into the curriculum of this module through theory, practice and ceremony.



10 - 14 MAY 2023 (5 DAYS)


Growing in consciousness 

Emotional psychology of the seven chakras 

In this module you will get to know your inner map that reinforces your reality as we research our seven chakras and their related emotional, psychological and physical themes. By zooming in into each chakra we get to see the bigger picture of how their related themes show up in our lives and this allows us to create a new storyline. 

Besides deep inner work you will learn how to work with asana, mudra and mantra to move the energies of the chakras and experience how yoga can support us to grow and evolve in consciousness. 

This gathering is held in Spring and we are invited to become conscious of deep imprints, allow ourselves to change perspectives and create space for new beginnings. These topics will be interwoven into the curriculum of this module through theory, practice and ceremony.



7 - 10 SEPT 2023 (4 DAYS)


Inner Strength & Purification

Meditation & Pranayama

In the previous two modules we have prepared the ground to now dive deeper into our inner journey through meditation. In this module we explore and experience an array of different meditation techniques that are used within the Kundalini practice. You will learn all the ins and outs of different eye focusses, mudras (seals of energy) and mantras and map the mind following the teachings of Yoga Philosophy and Ayurveda. 

The biggest emphasis however will be put on working with one of the most powerful tools for transformation, the power of your breath. 

This gathering is held in the Summer and we are invited to bring in a healthy dose of discipline to kindle the flames of the spiritual fire within us for purification and transformation. This module awakens your discernment, sense of direction, and the courage to take action through theory, practice and ceremony.



23 - 26 NOV 2023 (4 DAYS)


Voice as medicine


In this last module of the year we submerge ourselves in the vibration of sacred sounds and syllables as we unlock the wisdom contained within mantra. You will experience how and why mantras are like powerful formulas or codes that help us to change our inner vibration and release hard wired patterns. We offer our voice to a devotional practice to open our hearts. Ample time will be given for you to get in touch with your own unique sound as we will work with techniques to liberate your voice and thus allowing your own voice to be your medicine. 

This gathering is held in the Fall and we are invited to release what no longer serves us, liberate our hearts, let our emotions flow so that we may become vessels of a powerful presence working through us. You will be initiated into the medicine of your own voice through the theory, practice and ceremonies of this final Foundational Module.



16 - 23 FEBRUARY 2024 (7 DAYS)


Fundamentals of teaching & sequencing  

Develop your teaching skills 

After laying the foundations in the first part of your training you will now start to further develop your teaching skills. In this week we focus on how to structure and compose Kundalini Yoga sequences practically applying all that you have learned up till this point. We will revise the asanas and pranayamas from the viewpoint of physical anatomy and the five Vayus, the five different qualities of Prana that operate in our bodies and mind. Understanding how they operate and move in inherent patterns is a valuable asset in creating yoga sequences with asana and pranayama practices that keep the energy flow in our system balanced. 

Learning will happen in an experiential and interactive setting, theory will be brought into practice straight away, offering you lots of opportunities to gain experience as a teacher and grow as you go. 

Besides learning how to teach and compose yoga sequences we will intimately get to know the Kundalini Shakti by tracing her throughout time in different cultures and parts of the world and explore deeper into the theory and history of yoga to give you applicable knowledge and a broad horizon of what yoga is, has been and is becoming. 



10 - 17 MAY 2024 (7 DAYS)


Becoming the teacher you are meant to be   

Sharing your medicine in your unique way

The last week of training prepares you to fully embark on your epic journey as the teacher you are meant to be, sharing your medicine with the world in your own unique way.  

During this week there will also be time allocated to sharing our best practises with you in how to start teaching your classes, how to promote from your heart through social media, how to teach online, how to design retreats, workshops and other events. In all we will support you to bring your ideas into the manifest also taking into account the groundwork that needs to be done in order for your undertaking to be successful.

In this week everyone will teach their final class and there will be a theoretical exam to make sure your level of understanding of the relevant topics is sufficient. You will commence the writing of your teaching essay, putting into words your mission statement on how you as a teacher will contribute towards the evolution of consciousness on this planet, being a steward for a new era.

Besides the exam and the teaching there will be plenty of time for celebration and beautiful closing ceremonies to send you on your way with courage, faith and trust.