A program of healing through Yoga & Meditation

In this program you will immerse yourself in a holistic approach of healing and spiritual self-care. Through yoga & meditation we unlock the healing potential of ancient yogic practices. You will be guided to the essence of who you truly are, which is the biggest healing in itself.


We offer you the guidance to make it work



In this program you’re going to follow three guided Sadhanas that ignite your healing journey through ancient yogic practices in combination with modern day psychology, sound medicine, meditation and contemplation. To deepen the effect of your practice you will receive an extra online Masterclass. 

You will practice along with gorgeous videos that are filmed all over the world to keep you inspired. Press play and travel with us to Morocco, Croatia, Italy & Thailand + you get access to two extra livestream classes complementing your healing journey.  Clear instructions and professional teachers make sure you get the best out of your practice, everyday!


We are taking you all over the world to bring you home to yourself 


The backbone in this program are the three guided Sadhanas of 11 days each, Sadhana meaning your daily spiritual practice. During these 11 days you receive daily guidance emails filled with soul stirring inspiration, inspiring teachings, insightful self-reflection and directions on how to integrate the effects of the practice into your daily life. 

You will practice your Sadhana each day with a pre-recorded video, so it doesn’t matter in which time-zone you live, you can start at a time that works for you. In between the Sadhanas you will receive guidance from us which other practices you could try from our collection of gorgeous videos on our website, the program includes a whole year of full access to all the videos on the Video Page. Over time this collection will just keep expanding, there are many great new videos on the way.


Yoga & meditation with daily email guidance 

11 days 

- Healing mantra meditation 
- Dynamic meditation for magnetic field
- Heart Seal Meditation with the mantra 'Hummee Hum'

In these 11 days we become very clear about what is burdening our heart and we create a safe space to heal, release & transform old pain, limiting ideas and beliefs. The sound of our own voice and the power of mantra and vibration will be our medicine during this first stage of our journey into the heart. 


At the end of the first Sadhana there are 3 days to integrate. If you want, continue to practice the meditation(s) by yourself until the start of the next Sadhana. 

11 days

- Experience the Original You meditation
- Kundalini Sequence for the heart Chakra
- Sound Medicine for the heart 

During the 2nd Sadhana we discover the wisdom, the power and the strength of our heart. With a powerful meditation the heart will be opened and the daily guidance emails will bring you to the inner most sacred space where you can drop into silence and let the inner voice of wisdom talk to you. 


At the end of the second Sadhana there are 3 days to integrate. If you want, continue to practice the meditation(s) by yourself until the start of the next Sadhana. 

11 days 

- Kriya for Folding & Unfolding of the Energy
- Yoga sequence for Regeneration & Vitality

In this 11 day Sadhana you will learn all about how the Life Force Energy, Prana, moves through you and what it does. You will learn how to consciously work with this energy to magnetise your magnetic field, your aura and how to optimise the energy flow through your whole system to create the optimal condition for healing to occur.

We'll finish this journey into the heart with a Masterclass about Self-healing.


Besides the 3 guided Sadhanas and 2 extra online sessions you will receive an extra Masterclass on the last day, a 2 hour online workshop that adds to your progress and transformation.


*The Masterclass will remain available on the website for you to watch at any time for 12 months


  Heal your heart Sadhana (value € 39)
✦  Knowing heart Sadhana (value € 39)
 Increase your energy Sadhana (value € 39)

  Masterclass (value € 25)
✦  2 Online Sessions (value € 30)
✦ Online community (priceless)

Understand Plan: 1 year access to Videos & Livestreams (value € 79)


Total value of the Journey into the heart € 251

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147 euro


✦✦  You save € 104  




147 euro


✦✦  You save € 104  




join the Journey into the heart and upgrade your Learn Plan to Understand Plan for

147 euro


✦✦  You save € 68 




join the Journey with your Understand Plan for

99 euro


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join the Journey into the heart and upgrade your membership to Understand Plan for

111 euro


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✦ Integration of a daily spiritual practice in your life with the online guided Sadhanas

✦ Healing of physical, mental & emotional pain through yoga & meditation

✦ Become aware of patterns that block your growth & healing

✦ More brain & heart coherence


✦ A chance to let go of deep seated emotions that burden your heart

✦ An overall sense well being and connectedness (body, mind & soul)

✦ More focus on (spiritual) self-care

✦ An open heart that can feel the joy & bliss of being alive




After practicing Hatha Yoga for 10 years I switched to Kundalini in 2011 and I am teaching on a daily basis ever since. My classes always are a deepening experience beyond the comfort zone, to discover new dimensions of ‘being’. Self ­observation is playing a key role throughout the practice towards self­ discovery. Teaching Kundalini Yoga is the love of my life and I am passionate about sharing this sacred technology to inspire people on their spiritual journey. Out of this passion Tim and I founded the online Kundalini Yoga School in 2016.



As a Yoga-psychologist I integrate the teachings of Kundalini Yoga with Psychology. An early fascination for the mind made me choose to study Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. I love sharing the yogic-teachings via the Online Kundalini Yoga School. Besides Kundalini Yoga classes and private consultations with individuals, I also lead journeys & retreats at inspiring locations worldwide. I am grateful guiding students to establish themselves in their hearts, towards a life filled with compassion and kindness.


Thanks a million times for the most amazing guidance through this 40 day sadhana. I loved every email. Most inspirational in a time where I need nothing more than trust in the universe. Just perfect. -- Patrica

I would like to thank you Marieke and Tim for the emails you are sending. I find them of great value to stay motivated, some are very informative (the mantra for example), others are confronting but they all express your true dedication to guide people through their process. Keep it up! -- Chantal

I have done many 40 days meditations in the past but it truly makes a difference to do it with your guidance via the daily emails. It deepens my experience because you make me reflect and help me to bring unconscious aspects into the light. It feels great to do this practice together with a community, I feel supported and motivated and it doesn’t take any effort to do the meditation everyday, I am looking forward to it! Thanks a lot for your encouraging words. -- Saskia

Day 12, what a powerful Kriya, what a beautiful process. If feels so empowering. I experience much more courage to start new things. Thank you, so great you are sharing this with the world.  -- Alice

Wahe Guru!.... this journey has just been the beginning, am already looking for another meditation to start with tomorrow... Thank you, Kundalini Buddies for being a part of my life and for all your Guidance and Support. -- Valerie

I have really noticed a shift in myself over the last periods. Thank you for creating this! -- Sophie

Everyday I enjoyed reading your sweet & useful guidance. They always seem to come just at the right time and really help me to relax. -- Ariel

Thank you so much for this 40 day journey. I am deeply touched by the process I went through, from darkness to the light. I am in the light again! Full of Trust, I am so grateful to you and myself. I feel this online practice is a beautiful addition to my regular Kundalini Yoga classes. Looking forward to join the next online Sadhana. -- Alice

Dear Marieke and Tim, thank you for creating this possibility to encourage us to practice Kundalini Yoga on a daily basis. I am currently doing the 40 day Sadhana to ‘Open the Heart’ and wow, I can clearly notice and feel the transformation. A new window has openend. -- Hanne

Thank you so much for your wise and motivational words. The practice is really great, it shifts from vulnerability to strength in my own experience. I keep doing it after these 11 days for sure! -- Ellen

Thank you very much for this opportunity and sending us all the inspiring e-mails. It has been great to participate. I am looking forward to the next kriya and meditation! -- Pamela 

Dear Marieke and Tim, I am grateful that I found your school and receive your E-mails. Already so much is happening, for example my emotions are moving like a rollercoaster. But I know that will change and it will get better, I have to keep practicing and don't have to be afraid. -- Peggy

Total program value is € 251


Our offer 147 euro

Total program value is € 251


Our offer 147 euro

Total program value is € 251


Our offer 147 euro

Total program value is € 251


Our offer 111 euro

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