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Do you feel the desire to commit to your spiritual practice, but find it hard to do it all by yourself?
No worries, we’ve got your back! We offer you inspiration and guidance to keep you on track.





Kundalini Yoga Videos





Practice along with gorgeous Kundalini Yoga videos. The expanding collection is filmed all over the world to keep you inspired. Press play and travel with us to Bali, Morocco, Italy, India, Thailand and many other locations. Clear instructions and professional teachers make sure you get the best out of your practice, everyday!

We are taking you all over the world to bring you home to yourself



Sadhana is your daily spiritual practice of yoga and meditation. Doing Sadhana makes you progress on your spiritual path fast, bringing out the best of you! We offer many different online Sadhanas with unique daily guidance (11, 22 or 40 days) that you can start at any time depending on your need of the moment.

Doing a daily practice is the backbone of your spiritual growth


In the online community of the school you connect with fellow yogis and you have direct access to your teachers to ask questions. The online Community is the place to reach out, share, connect and inspire each other along the way.

Community is an important part of your spiritual growth



Discover the power of commitment to unlock your potential



Start an annual membership and receive unlimited access to an expanding collection Kundalini Yoga videos, filmed all over the world to keep you inspired. In the online community you connect with fellow yogis and and ask your questions to your teachers. For an additional fee you can start online guided Sadhanas at any time.




Annual membership

With this plan you can practice along with all the Kundalini Yoga videos for 1 year and do many different meditations & Kriyas (yoga sets) in the comfort of your own home.
You can join 11, 22 or 40 days guided Sadhanas for an additional fee whenever you want.

With this plan you will start to learn a lot about yourself through your spiritual practice.


Annual membership + 

This plan includes 1 year of access to all the Kundalini Yoga videos, all livestreams and as a bonus you receive 1 guided Sadhana. You can join extra Sadhanas for an additional fee whenever you want. 

With this plan you will understand more about yourself through your spiritual practice.


Annual All-inclusive Membership

With the Master Plan you choose the path of Self Mastery. This plan is your best option if  you long to fully commit to your spiritual practice on a consistent basis.  

Access to the Master Plan opens once a year.

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the learning journey towards Self-Mastery

This is our most complete plan for those who truly want to commit to their Kundalini Yoga & meditation practice. Following the offered guidance of the Master Plan will take you on the path of Self Mastery. 

With the Master Plan you join a carefully designed curriculum containing 11, 22 & 40 days Sadhanas. These are complemented with exclusive Master Classes & Livestreams relating to the themes and topics of the Sadhanas to deepen your experience and understanding. 

To offer you the best experience with the Master Plan, entrance to the Master Plan is only possible every start of a New Year. 

Do you feel called to walk this path with us?




The process of growth through Kundalini Yoga is a natural unfolding of your own nature





I found Marieke and Tim via their podcast about 9 months ago -- and have been relying on their insights and guidance ever since. I strongly encourage anyone interested in Kundalini Yoga (or, anyone interested in making their life better -- that was my motivation) to start with one of their online sadhanas. Great value in my opinion, as I've benefitted tremendously from their daily email support and insights. -- Hans

Love their videos and liked the organisation of the webpage, very good videos, using this to start my early AM practice. -- Dennis

So divine!! Marieke and Tim will allow you to experience the accuracy of Kundalini Yoga at your own pace, thru your own journey and with a very clear connection. Their videos and messages are full of knowledge, inspiration and love of the love of the love of the infinite golden chain of teachers. -- Akal Anand Kaur

As a brand new kundalini yogi I have truly appreciated Marieke and Tim's authenticity, dedication and generosity in sharing their practice and understanding with the world. I have found it very inspiring and easy to begin to build a kundalini practice. I have been joyfully astounded by its effectiveness, so ably facilitated by Marieke and Tim. Thank you. -- Juliet

Very grateful for this online possibility to receive the profound and beautiful teachings of Kundalini Yoga . The quality is high , the teachings are well prepared and Tim and Marieke are both pleasant, passioned and qualified Kundalini Yoga teachers.  -- Myr

Always full of wisdom. They both are great at explaining everything and make you feel like you are taking the class in person with them. -- Pao

Excellent teachings. Clear, dedicated, high level of presence and awareness from the teachers. Easy to develop a daily practice with these teachings and lovely to have the support of the online community. -- Carmen 

 The online school is a fantastic revelation in my life! In my experience, Marieke and Tim are great guides to the light and to spiritual growth. They know exactly how to guide people remotely. I recommend it to everyone. Many personal experiences that touch you and make you think! -- Conchita

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