Summer Solstice: What's It All About?

It’s nearly the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, the day with the most sunlight entering our atmosphere. Many ancient traditions recognized the sun as the giver of life and many spiritual practices have deep reference for the sun as the source of light.


The physical star which we have called the sun represents the light that is present within all of us, the inner light, the spiritual light of the Self that shines in all the eyes of sentient beings. The light of the sun reminds us of the spark, the soul inside of us. 


Light carries information

Light is also the medium or the carrier of information, at this time of the year there is a tremendous amount of information available to us. We’re not talking about the information that is brought to you via the media. This is information that has gone through many hands, or rather minds. We are talking about direct information, or revelation, information that you pick up with your own ‘satellite’ without exterior interference and interpretation. You are a magnetic being broadcasting information and picking up the myriad of signals that are present all around us. This time we are being asked to fine tune ourselves to the direct source of information, the Self, the Source that radiates within us and all around us. 


Tuning in

If possible, try to not tune into news and other media outlets for a few days, but only tune into this primal source of information. Go into nature, connect with the sun, the outer light to help you reconnect with your inner light, feel how it is continuously pouring right from your centre, beaming out into the world. Become yourself a transmitter of a higher frequency, contributing to the collective field of our humanity, turning the frequency up a notch so together we start to envision another collective dream of more connection, compassion, joy and harmony. Tune into the frequency of these elevated emotions and allow them to reverberate deeply in your being. 

Open up the channel of gratitude for being alive in this time on the planet and know that you are here for a reason, we all have an unique part to play in the whole. It’s up to us to make ourselves available to play this unique role that makes itself known in different ways, messages and signs are continuously appearing on our path when our hearts, eyes and ears are open to feel, see and hear. 


This is a time of initiation

This is the most expansive time of the year which makes it a great time to dedicate yourself to deepen your spiritual awareness through study, yoga & meditation. If you can, cut out all the outer noise and go deep within and ask for this path to be shown to you, bathe yourself in the cosmic light that is pouring onto the planet right now, light that has traveled an immense distance throughout our galaxy. Receive it in every cell and let it reactivate you from within. Remember why you came here, remember your life is sacred. 


Embrace the call

This is a time of initiation, tune into it if you feel the call and in your own way create space to receive. What works for you? Dance, sing, meditate, draw, write, create your own ceremony. What is your way to express yourself? Trust that powerful messages are awaiting for you, ready to be picked up. The ethers are filled, there is a cosmic celebration going on and you are invited to join. 


Your monthly dose of Energy Medicine

In our Monthly Energy Medicine Space we offer you a curated selection of Kundalini Yoga practices that flow with the current energies. All tied to a theme that is alive right now, these practices serve as Energy Medicine at this specific moment in the yearly cycle. Move your body, breathe and chant in newly designed Kundalini Yoga sequences that are weaving together ancient practices for modern times.