Embracing Inner Wisdom

It is Cancer season. In astrology, Cancer is seen as ruled by Water and the Moon. This zodiac sign embodies the essence of the water element as it is deeply attuned to our emotions. Before looking a bit deeper into other qualities related to Cancer, let’s first get to know the Water element by diving into all the qualities and associations linked to it throughout time and different spiritual traditions. 


The Water Element

In many spiritual traditions water is considered a sacred medium for healing and also for initiation, like baptism. Water carries wisdom, energy and has memory. This element can lead us to wisdom and a greater understanding of life. It thus makes sense that water is used within spiritual initiation rites, it connects us to universal wisdom and helps us to transcend the ignorance about our True Nature that makes us feel we are cut off from the source of being, the illusion of separation and duality. Water is the element related to the Soul, we are all drops in one big ocean.


Water's Sacred Significance

The Water element is intricately connected to our subconsciousness, our feelings and emotions. Much like water, emotions are fluid and essential, yet stagnation can result in internal turmoil. Just as water always finds its path, emotions yearn for expression, linking us to the energy of our soul. Embodied within water is surrender, resilience, and endurance, cutting paths even through the toughest surfaces. It embodies movement, cohesion, and the profound joy of existence, guiding us inward for true fulfillment. Water's energy beckons us to the essence of being, leading to inner discovery and emotional release.


The Fluidity of Emotions

Just like the heart the water element is about Bhakti, devotion. Devotion is like water that can make an arid and dry heart, juicy and alive again, bringing back the greenness, the color of the heart chakra. Devotion, through chanting mantras for example, can melt feelings that are frozen in us, hence we often release many tears when we chant with all our heart. Tears of sadness that give us access to tears of joy, love and bliss. 


The Nurturing Qualities of the Cancer zodiac sign

As mentioned before, this zodiac sign is deeply connected to our feelings and emotions. Cancer invites us to delve into the depths of our feelings and listen because our feelings point us in the direction of what we need. Moreover, your feelings are the gateway to accessing your intuition. Blocking yourself from deeply feeling cuts you off from a crucial source of information: your intuition. Your intuition primarily communicates with you through your feelings.


Cancer is also a sign closely related to home and has a strong motherly energy. Where do you feel at home in your life? What feels like home for you? These are important Cancer questions because they point to where you can find support and a sense of safety and belonging within ourselves and our universal need of being seen and held.


Navigating Emotional Imbalance

However, when the archetypal Cancer energy is imbalanced, we may find ourselves neglecting our own needs, leading to exhaustion and resentment. Here we need to remind ourselves that we can only give what we have. When we deplete our energy we’ll end up not being able to show up anymore, therefore we need to take good care of ourselves. In doing so we take care of others too! Otherwise we can end up resenting people and feel as if they ‘steal’ our time and energy. When we don’t intervene, Cancer energy out of whack can lead us into a burn out.


In short, Cancer and its element Water invite us to reflect upon the importance of listening to our feelings and intuition. Through a regular spiritual practice, bringing in some devotional qualities, we nurture our essence and cultivate a sense of inner home, feeling home within ourselves. Let us embrace this wisdom, for it holds the key to unlocking our innermost truths and guiding us towards a fulfilling existence.


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