What are the benefits of doing a Spring Detox?

According to Ayurveda you are what you eat. Every bite of food is ultimately transformed into the cells of which your physical body is build. From time to time it surely is a good idea to take a close look at your eating habits and to give your body the chance to cleanse itself through a Detox diet.


The body is like a car, the better you take care of it, the longer you will be able to enjoy it. Some good thorough maintenance is essential to keep it going! Spring time is the ideal moment of the year to detox and help your body get rid of excessive toxins that we have buid up over the winter period. It is a natural process to first let go of the old before we start something new with fresh energy.


What's on your plate

In our daily lives we constantly detox. Not just physically but also on a mental and emotional level. We process food, thoughts and all different kinds of energy, experiences and impressions. When this happens in a steady and consistent flow we feel steady and consistent. But often times there is just too much on our plate, not just at the dinner table but in every sense. We then tend to start to feel heavy, slow, cathartic or depressed through a slow metabolism, a clogged up mind and layers of old build emotional residues.


Your organs are like storehouses of emotions

You could regard an organ in our body as a storehouse for emotions and stress. At first ‘sight’ (sure you can’t see your organs) you don’t notice a lot, but on a deeper level there is a continuous process of breakdown and renewal of cells going on. Did you know that it takes approximately six weeks for your liver to renew itself completely and that the cells of your stomach are renewed every five days? And that your body creates a completely new skin within a month! With a detox you optimize the renewal of your organs and this often comes with the release of unnecessary tensions and stored emotions like anger, frustration, sadness and joy.


Getting rid of stored junk on all levels

We can help our system to improve our natural detox process. This will not only allow you to get rid of ‘stored junk’ but it will also make you very aware of how you ‘poison’ your body and mind with toxic substances and thoughts. This gained awareness gives you the chance to make new conscious decisions and helps you to break with addictive behaviour in all kinds of areas.


Start your Green Detox

Spring has arrived and since ancient times this moment of the year has been acknowledged as a the perfect moment to release toxins that have built up in your body over time. On the 26th of March we are going to start the annual spring cleanse with the Green Detox. During this 11 day Sadhana you will receive all the necessary guidance to make your experience smooth and creative, exploring new recipes and discovering healthy & delicious ways of nourishing yourself. ⁠And of course we'll practice yoga everyday to support your cleanse by working on the liver.

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