Setting ourselves free through ancestral work

This week I’m preparing the 11/11 session and carefully crafting a sequence that will allow us all to enter into deep connection, with ourselves and with the ancestral guidance that is available to us when we are willing and able to listen. The session I’ve created is designed for this. 


We are going to connect with ancestral wisdom in a beautiful meditation after we have prepared ourselves through a very gentle, soft and loving practice to land deep inside our bodies, soothing our kidneys and releasing our psoas muscle, the muscle that is said to hold our traumatic imprints. 


Ancestral inheritance

The kidneys hold our ancestral jing (the energy we have inherited from them) and they are also where we store fear. Since our ancestors have survived many calamities throughout the ages, each and everyone one of us has a program of fear of survival in their kidneys, maybe to a bigger or lesser degree, but we all do. As long as we do not ‘face’ this fear and avoid it, it can govern our life through the choices we make and as such we may perpetuate programming we have inherited from our ancestors. 


From Fate to Destiny

When we do allow ourselves to meet these fears we can shift from living our fate to living our destiny. This happens in the micro, within us, but the same goes in the macro, in our world. As long as humanity does not overcome these fears and projects them onto the outerworld we will continue to see anger, violence and hate, and humanity will live her fate. But we can start to live our destiny, because that is our birthright as human beings. 

By setting ancestral memories that we have stored deep within us free we can set ourselves free. And that is what we are going to dedicate our practice to this Saturday the 11th of November. 


Free 11/11 Portal

Saturday 11 November @11 AM CET (repay available)

You are most welcome to join us, participation is free of charge. The only thing you need to do is sign up here and you will receive access to the broadcast on Saturday morning. We begin at 11 AM CET. No worries if you cannot catch us live, a replay will be available for 48 hours.