Kundalini & Despacho Ceremony

Honoring the ancestors is a very important spiritual practice in many cultures, since without them we wouldn’t be here. Knowing where you come from and nurturing this connection is essential to understand your place in the world. In the West this spiritual practice has mostly disappeared and some believe this is giving rise to many of the challenges we are facing in our world nowadays, we feel uprooted, adrift or even lost. 


During our full day Kundalini & Despacho Ceremony on November the 4th we are going to come together to reconnect with our ancestors. When the ancestral connection is re-established energy can once again flow from the roots, through us and into the next generations. 


What to expect

We will acknowledge and honor those who came before us by creating an Ancestral altar and then take the time to open ourselves for the wisdom and support they can provide in our lives through prayer, chants and meditation. During the Kundalini Yoga session we bring healing into our generational lineage and with the Despacho Ceremony we express gratitude for the guidance and blessings we receive from our ancestors. We kindle a ceremonial fire, embark on a serene walk through the forest and conclude the day with a sound healing session, harmoniously integrating the experience.


About Despacho 

Despacho ceremonies (ceremony of gratitude) are performed by indigenous people in the Andes in Peru, in Bolivia and Ecuador. These ceremonies are an offering of gratitude and a prayer towards the earth, sacred mountains (Apu’s), other sacred places on earth and Great Spirit. The word Despacho used in this sense is a Spanish word meaning “to send a message”. The main purpose is to give back for what we receive from life. This sacred reciprocity between all living beings is called Ayni in Quechua (the original language of Peru and many South-American countries). There are hundreds of types of despacho ceremonies, according to the tribe and the occasion. The specific Despacho ceremony we will do on this day is to honor the ones who passed away.

In these times the indigenous people recognize that the Despacho ceremonies need to be performed in other parts of the world as well. That's why they are no longer kept secret. We need this reconnection more than ever. Nevertheless, it is very important to perform the ceremonies with respect and pure intention.

In ceremony a mandala is made with products as flowers, seeds, coca leaves, llama fat, corn and more. Every product has a meaning and is placed in the mandala with intention and prayers. When this offering is done in other countries, sometimes these typical products are exchanged by local materials if the originals are not available. When the mandala is finished, a package is made of it, some more steps are performed and in the end it is offered to the fire, water or buried into the earth, depending on the type of Despacho.


One day retreat

Our one day retreat is offering the sacred setting of a ceremonial space in which many things can shift and heal. We gather at a beautiful yurt in the middle of the forest and for a full day bundle our energies, our intentions and our loving hearts to heal, celebrate and transform. Including:

  • Altar Ceremony
  • Kundalini Yoga (Rebirth) Session
  • Ayurvedic Lunch
  • Despacho Ceremony
  • Ceremonial Fire
  • Forest Walk 
  • Sound Healing 

The ceremonial music is performed by Mira & Daniel (The Daleeps), the Kundalini Yoga session is guided by Marieke & Tim (Kundalini Yoga School) and the Despacho is created under the guidance of Veronica.   

This full day ceremony includes a nutritious vegan lunch by our Ayurvedic chef Kelly.

This ceremony is shared in english unless everyone speaks Dutch.


We'd like to keep you updated about the next ceremony: