What is your basic frequency?


On January 21st we’ll have a New Moon in Aquarius and the coming period is an excellent time to consciously and honestly dig deep and become very clear about our basic frequency. Meaning, what is your default vibrational signature you send into the world? Aquarius energy is about realizing that we are co-creators of our own reality and our frequency plays a big role in the way we experience and shape our lives. 


To give an example, when something challenging happens does your first thought tend to be: Why does this always happen to me? Or do you instantly feel attacked and on guard? Or is your first impulse to wish you could curl up into a little ball hidden in your bed where nobody can find you? 


Habitual responses

First and foremost it is important to try and not judge yourself for these habitual responses but to recognize them for what they are: learned responses to life. The good news is, since this is something you have learned it doesn’t mean this is who you are. It is a program in your mind that has come into being over time and over time you can also rewrite that program and as such upgrade your responses that are more in alignment with your True Self. 

Simply put: most of our responses are habitual and are based on core beliefs. Quite a few of these core beliefs might not even be present in our conscious minds but in our subconscious and they can have a big impact on us. 


Your beliefs  become your thoughts

Your thoughts become your words

Your words become your actions

Your actions become your habits

Your habits become your values

Your values become your destiny


– Mahatma Gandhi


The Invitation

In the coming weeks when a challenging feeling or thought comes up, welcome it with kindness. Notice the feeling and its vibrational quality in your being. Where do you feel it, how does your body respond to it? How does this thought or feeling influence your behavior, your words? See if you can sit with the feeling for a while and ask it: 

  • What deep belief about myself, about life are you making aware of? 

Then ask yourself:

  • Is this belief true?
  • Where is this belief coming from?
  • Is this belief even my own?
  • What would my life be like if this belief did not exist?


Asking yourself these questions will allow you to tap into your original vibration, one that is not constricted by ideas of others, un-investigated beliefs or outdated mental programming. Once you start to notice how they impact how you feel, and thus impact your frequency you are creating the space in which you can open up for the possibility to choose differently. To choose thoughts and ideas that correspond to feelings that are in a higher vibration, that uplift you. 


Going deeper

To help yourself welcome these higher vibrations in your life most of the time only telling yourself ‘I am worthy’ to overrule a deep core belief you are unworthy, won’t be enough. You need to consciously open yourself for the feeling of being worthy. How does feeling worthy feel? How does that feel in your body? How do you respond to challenges when you feel worthy, how does that feel? Use your imagination and see and feel yourself moving through life feeling deeply worthy. Feel that feeling now, don’t wait for life to change, make the change within. This will create a vibrational blueprint through which your life can reorganize itself in a pattern that is congruent with how you feel about yourself.

Whenever you catch yourself running along with old beliefs, ideas, feelings, don’t beat yourself up about it. See it as an invitation to again tune into your chosen vibration through consciously inviting that feeling in. You are rewriting a program, remember? Give yourself time and keep practicing. 


Extra support

If you would like some more support, come and join us in the ‘Breaking Habits’ Sadhana. Starting your day with 30 conscious minutes connecting with yourself, with your breath and a beautiful mantra practice will give your day a high vibration start that will make it easier to stay conscious and choose consciously. You are most welcome! 


Online Session - Be Gentle

This New Moon in Aquarius we are called to gracefully slow down and to be gentle with ourselves. We might have big plans for the year ahead but the invitation is to approach them without a sense of striving or pushing ourselves too much. Instead let’s soften ourselves and relax into the feeling we wish to welcome in our lives right now, not just when we accomplish our goals. The Kundalini Yoga sequence that we will be sharing on the eve of the New Moon is designed to move with gentleness, grace and flow to take the pressure off, allowing us to rest and be inspired by the visionary Aquarius energy.