Discovering the medicine of Kundalini Yoga


As we embarked on this new path almost three years ago, this launched a deep research into many different streams of wisdom to help us understand why Kundalini Yoga works the way it does.


This research is still going on and it will probably never finish, because behind every little notch of precious technique a whole tapestry of wisdom can be found. However we do feel the time is right to start sharing what we have come to understand until this point. Of course we are doing this already through the monthly New Moon sessions that always reflect many of our insights, but we feel a deep desire and calling to share what we have learned, experienced and embodied on our yogic path, not only of the past three years but actually already for decades. 


The doors are open

This deep soul longing has manifested itself into the Teacher Training that is starting in February next year. As we are crystallizing the content of the first year of this training more and more we started to realize that the journey offered in this first year is so meaningful and powerful, that besides offering it to those who wish to teach we also want to share it with those who don’t feel the call to teach but do feel the urge to deepen their understanding and experience of Kundalini Yoga. As a result of this realization, this past Friday we opened the doors for those who want to discover the medicine of yoga to the first year of Teacher Training and we have called this foundational training year: Walking the Wheel


Walking the Wheel - (online) year training for Self Mastery

In the Walking the Wheel year training we use the energetic roadmaps ancient traditions handed down to us through time. Since we practice yoga, doing yogic postures, meditations and breathing exercises is an ‘energetic roadmap’ we are familiar with, but it’s very useful to gain more understanding why these postures, or asanas, work the way they do. In other words, when we learn to speak the language of energy a whole new world can open up for us, just like when you visit a foreing country and you learn to speak the local language. 


Four Seasons, Four Directions, Four Modules

We have organized the content of Walking the Wheel training following the teachings of the Four Directions of the Medicine Wheel. This powerful healing mandala which serves as a cosmic map is found all over our planet and has been around for a very long time, some even say since the beginning of time. 

As we will meet in each season we will ‘unpack’ all the wisdom that is held within the corresponding direction and element. Learning how to integrate and implement this wisdom into our lives supports us to be in right relationship with others, our world, and ourselves. In each module we bring several streams of wisdom together and discover how we can embody them through our practice of Kundalini Yoga. 


Reconnecting to the cycles of nature

A fundamental premise within the yoga practice is the idea of the macro and microcosm. You as a microcosm are a reflection of the macrocosm. Through learning and understanding the cycles of the macro you will come to understand a lot about yourself, the micro. Through diving deep within yourself you will come to understand much more about the world around you. 


Power of Ceremony

Humanity has used the power of ceremony to commune with the elemental forces, to show gratitude, to celebrate and mark points of transitions since time immemorial. Currently the remembrance of this power and longing to work with it is resurfacing within many human beings all over the globe. Probably because it answers a call from deep down inside of us, the call to strengthen our connection to nature, a connection that seems to move more and more to the background in our highly industrialized modern world. 

Throughout the year you will experience the power of intentionally created ceremonies, serving to support your journey through life and strengthening your connection to Source, Mother Earth and yourself.


Become your own Space Keeper

With the year training Walking the Wheel you will become your own Space keeper, holding space for your growth, healing and transformation as you will build your personal healing mandala step by step. As you journey through the wheel with the seasons and the four directions you will embody the medicine of Kundalini Yoga. You can learn more about the exact content of this training, the dates and more details here  


Teacher Training

If you already know in your heart that besides learning how to work with the medicine of Kundalini Yoga for yourself, you wish to share this medicine with others, we recommend you to sign up for the full Teacher Training program. This includes the year of  ‘Walking the Wheel’ and is followed by two in-person weeks in the following year where you will learn how to create and share impactful Kundalini Yoga sequences with others, holding space for transformation. 


May these offerings serve as a contribution to the flowering of human consciousness and as a path of healing, recognizing our true place in the eternal walk of life.