The invisible web of life


In many traditions all over the world the ancients speak of a web that underlies all of creation and also connects each and every part of creation to one and other. This web is spun out of one source, expanding, creating and holding it all together at once.


The power that brought this web into being was thought to be feminine. This very much corresponds to the Tantric view wherein Shakti, the divine feminine power, is the driving force behind all of manifestation. She brings into being the life force energy, matter, and very important, our divine spark, the power of our Soul, the Kundalini. 



Kundalini is a creative, divine power, present within each and everyone of us. She is often described as being dormant, but in fact, she is already awake, fuelling all of your life's functions. We can however activate this power to flow more freely, infusing our lives with more inspiration, passion, depth and creativity. Your yoga & meditation practice is great for this. Step by step and bit by bit you pave the way for this divine feminine power to nourish and inform your being, allowing you to remember your purpose, your full potential. 


Spinning a web together

Another great way to further activate this most primal force inside of you is honoring it through kindling your innate creative capacity. Every human being, no matter what age, is creative and by bringing this creativity to the forefront of our lives it's like we allow a sweet nectar that makes life taste more sweet gently flow into all of our activities, recognizing the creative power they all have. Whether we create a meal, work in the garden, sing a song, redecorate our house, cut someone's hair, play music or dance, we are all expressions of this creative power, spinning a web together that we are all part of. 


40 days Sadhana | Live your most Creative Life

In the 40 days Sadhana we fully honor this creative power with the ‘Live your most Creative Life’ Sadhana. Expect to dive deep within and discover how you yourself are part of this creative web of life and how, through your conscious contribution, can make a difference through the choices you make, the words you speak, and acts that are in alignment with the purpose of your Soul. Reminding yourself of your essential creative nature will not only impact you, but since you are part of a web of life, this effect will ripple onward, touching other people's hearts, sparking their joy and playfulness as well.