Infinite trust - What does it take?

Life doesn’t offer us any guarantees, there is no written plan somewhere in a file cabinet waiting for us to be found, giving us a manual of what we should or shouldn’t do. In a way it feels we all just have to figure it out on our own and this can be trying, exhausting and lonely. Especially when we keep approaching this quest from a mental level since every answer will bring up another question.


Einstein once said you can never find the solution to a problem on the same level it was created, we’ll just end up going in loops. So what does it take to relax into not knowing? What does it take to surrender our frantic mental activity that is trying to figure it all out?



Life will go its course, whether we like it or not. We can fight, resist, get upset, be unsatisfied as much as we want, but at the end of the day, there is no way we can stop the unfolding of this miraculous thing called life. So what if instead of trying to be engaged in every facet of this unfolding we would become more of a curious witness? A witness that can lean back a little, trusting the unfolding instead of getting all worked up about it.


It’s worth a try, isn’t it? 

We are committing to this approach in the 40 days Sadhana ‘Infinite Trust’. For 40 days we commit to a meditation in which we don’t do anything besides holding space to witness what is happening inside of us as we listen to a beautiful mantra. Everyday we sit and tune our minds into a loving and compassionate vibration through listening to these ancient Sanskrit sounds that call upon the healing powers of the Universe to melt our hearts, alleviate our pain and take away our worries and fears. We combine this listening with the powerful Naga Mudra. Naga means serpent and all over the world the serpent represents the primordial wisdom. With this Mudra we open ourselves to listen to that wisdom that resides within us to show us the way, finding the answers to our questions in ourselves.

For 40 days you will receive a daily guidance email to deepen the effect of your commitment through inspiration and self inquiry. You can start this commitment anytime and you'll receive the first guidance email in your inbox directly. 




First want to give this meditation a try?
Then start the online practice ‘Trust your Inner Voice’. We will conclude our practice with the mantra.