How truth and trust are deeply connected

The upcoming New Moon in Gemini is a great moment to reflect on the following:


Do I communicate with words that are aligned with my inner truth?


When we speak from our hearts in alignment with what we truly feel we are honoring our inner truth. When we twist around the truth with words that don’t ring true to what we actually want or need to say, we create an inner environment that undermines our sense of trust. It’s like the distance between what we say and how we feel is filled with an eerie sense of insecurity that feels uncomfortable. When we don’t feel we can trust ourselves it becomes hard to trust the world around us, it becomes harder to trust our gut feeling, our intuition, our inner voice.

The upcoming New Moon practice is designed to support you to first of all feel secure in your body and to feel your presence. It aims at strengthening your magnetic field for protection and sharpens your ability to listen to your inner voice. The more we pay attention to our inner voice, the more we will start to hear it clearly. The more we truthfully express what we need to communicate, the more we can start to trust ourselves.

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