Reinvent yourself

What’s happening in your inner world as we move from the Solar Eclipse to the Lunar Eclipse? Do you notice any effects? It might be that you’re experiencing a complete evaluation of where you are now in your life. A lot of stored impressions are being released from the subconscious, almost like the famous ‘movie’ we are told we’ll see during the moment of transition at the end of our lives. It’s like we get to review all the things we have done and said. 


The invitation is to not judge what you see, but to allow the emotions and feelings that come with these impressions, memories and flashing images. Can you watch your own movie with compassion? And can you see what you wish to transform, or what you would like to start to bring into your life? 


This purging energy is quite strong, the unloading of your subconscious can be intense, but if we use it to our benefit it can serve us as a way to ‘reinvent’ ourselves. Our lives are a continuous stream of energy moving, we now get an opportunity to take stock and decide once again in which direction we would like this precious life force energy to flow. Your mind might try to convince you you don’t have a say in this, but you do. Yes, our patterns may be stubborn, but each and every day we can choose again. 


Working with the Solar Eclipse step by step

If you have the time, take out your notebook today and release onto the pages some of the things that have come to the surface. Try to write about it as if you are describing a scene from a movie, what do you see, what did you feel, what did you do? Give yourself the chance to empty out these impressions without creating new stories around them. 


Next, tune into what you wish to funnel your energy into. What do you wish to create, manifest, prioritize in your life? More time with your family? Finally take your need for creative expression seriously? Committing to a daily spiritual practice? Settling a longtime argument with a friend? Forgive yourself? Whatever it is, write it down and most importantly recognize how you, yourself, can be the actor in creating this in your life. Recognize the things you need in order for this to happen and try to keep it simple and realistic, what are the first steps you can start with today? 


Finally visualize what your life will look like if you integrate the above and especially focus on how it will feel. See if you can actually feel that feeling right now, as if it has already happened. If you like you can express this feeling as well. Write about it or put on a song that carries the vibration and express it through your body, or express it through colors, painting or drawing.


Rising from the Ashes - Full Moon Eclipse Session

To support this process energetically we have created a new yoga sequence that works on liberating stuck energy in the hips, moving it through the fire of the third chakra so that we can use that energy to elevate ourselves, rising above the sum of our past.