Release emotions during Full Moon

The upcoming Full Moon is in the zodiac sign of Libra which impacts our Bladder Meridian. This meridian traditionally is said to store a lot of emotional and physical tension, mostly related to the past.


It’s probably not surprising for you to hear that the element connected to the Bladder Meridian is the element of water. Our physical bodies consist of over 60% of water and water is an excellent keeper of memories and carrier of vibrations and energy. 


Emotional Blueprint

As we entered this world through our mothers womb we came into being in a watery surrounding, literally bathing in the emotional vibrations of our mother. These vibrations became a part of our emotional blueprint stored in the water of our body, in our cells, tissues, bones, etc. They are part of our emotional make-up. This explains the fact that sometimes when you are able to release an emotion, it may impact your mom, your grandmother, or generations even further back.  You are releasing a trans-generational emotion that has been passed down to you. 


Consciousness rising

Many of these emotions we are not even aware of, they are part of our subconscious. Your subconscious is not just one little part of your brain, your subconscious is present in your whole body. What happens when we do a consistent yoga and meditation practice is that we create the opportunity for these stored emotions to be released, to become aware of them and then their energy can be alchemized into a new vibration. In other words we enter a different frequency, something you could call consciousness rising. You become consciously conscious. Instead of unconscious programming running the show you become aware of how old patterns and unresolved emotions are invitations for you to complete a cycle and shed what no longer suits you. 


Pink Moon Masterclass - Rebirth

In the Pink Moon Masterclass - Rebirth session we are setting the stage for emotions to flow. Just like water, emotions need to flow and in the first part of the session we will do a beautiful yogic practice with asanas, movement and breathwork to impact the Bladder Meridian and open the flow. In the second part of the practice we will dive deep into a meditative practice that will allow you to release emotions that may have been with you since you were in your mothers womb, on a vibrational level. This may be very cathartic or maybe you won’t feel anything, but your participation and willingness to do the work will be a deeply healing experience no matter what.