Pink Full Moon - Rebirth

On April 16th 2022 it's the first full moon after the Spring Equinox and its called the Pink Moon. In the time building up to this full moon you can feel a build up of tension in your body and mind that is looking for a way out, just like hot lava at times needs to erupt from deep within the earth to get the pressure off. Tension is a result from unexpressed, unprocessed or unacknowledged emotions. Expressing our emotions in a healthy way can be very challenging because there often is so much shame and judgment that keeps us from that expression. 



However beneath the surface these emotions do influence the way we think, behave and speak. Many of these emotions are linked to experiences from the past that get triggered through interactions in the present moment. In a way this trigger is a beautiful invitation to release and heal those impressions from the past that get reactivated time and again. 



In the heat of the moment this requires a lot of awareness and courage to be vulnerable, to expose what is going on in the depth of your being, to understand why you react the way you do, to embrace your feelings compassionately and allow them to transform without having to act them out necessarily. Yoga and meditation is a wonderful support for this process. In your practice you create the sacred space for all that is living within you to be seen and felt and you train your capacity to stay present without losing yourself in stories and projections. In other words you get in touch with the energetic charge of the emotions and like alchemy this energy can then be transformed into something else. 


Emotions that have been with you since the beginning

Some unprocessed emotions we carry with us for decades and sometimes these emotions are already with us since the time we were in our mothers womb. As we were growing we were literally bathing in the emotional vibrations of our mothers and this has become part of who we are. This can explain some deep emotional issues we cannot understand rationally, or patterns in our lives that keep recurring, patterns that are, once again, invitations to heal the emotion, to change the vibration, to release the charge. 


Pink Moon Masterclass - Rebirth

The upcoming Full Moon is an excellent opportunity to do that. There is a strong rebirth oriented energy in this lunation and we are going to work with that in the Pink Moon Masterclass - Rebirth. In this extra long session we work with deep Kundalini meditation techniques to release emotions that may have been with you since you were in your mothers womb and that still impact you today. The work we will do is going to be healing you on many levels. 

Date: Saturday 16 April
Time: 11 AM - 1 PM CEST