How to overcome the challenges of a Green Detox?

Off we go with the Green Detox. We are in the pretox days right now. A couple of days to make the transition towards the actual detox that allows us to prepare without stress and start letting go of some of the food stuff we aren’t eating during the week dedicated to eating green and clean. 


Even Though we have done this detox many times it’s funny to notice how the mind is still getting nervous and uptight around it. Like ‘I’m really gonna miss my coffee, how will I manage without it’. Or ‘Won’t I get hungry? What if I get hungry?’. 



There is absolutely nothing wrong with these thoughts at all, they just show us the attachment we have towards certain substances or ideas we need in order to feel content or sustained. In essence there is nothing wrong with attachment either, to a certain extent we need attachment in order to function normally in our everyday life. However, when our attachments become so strong they start to dictate our life through our habits that become ingrained patterns, it does pay off to see if we can bring some space to these areas of our life and see what happens. Usually a lot of ideas, projections and belief systems hide behind these patterns and when we break the habit we set a lot of things in motion. 


Moving through the discomfort

This isn’t necessarily a super comfortable process but it does present us with the chance to grow, leaving behind certain behavior that isn’t supporting us anymore or even holding us back, diminishing our vitality. We get confronted with all the things our minds think we need in order to feel good, happy, satisfied or calm and then move through the space of discomfort to find out that actually we don’t really need it, at least not anymore. 


Staying present

Step by step as we don’t eat chocolate, snacks, or cookies and let the sugar craving pass by we get a little closer to a sense of inner peace that does not depend on anything exterior, but before we get there we might experience what was stopping us from feeling that inner peace in the first place. Every time we feel the need to drink or eat something out of an emotional reaction we are offered the opportunity to really feel what’s going on and show up for ourselves, not through food, but by staying present with whatever is asking our attention from within. 


Our relationship with food

Since we live in a culture where we are continuously bombarded with advertisements that tempt us to consume more, linking food and drinks with adventure, happy times, good company etc. it is very interesting to examine your own relationship with food so that a new approach can emerge, one that is based in proper nourishment out of self love and not so much to fulfill a desire that was introduced to you. 

The good news is that such a detox doesn’t last forever, the one we are doing right now is only for a week. And maybe even more important, the food you eat is super tasty and satisfying. You can eat as much as you like, the only restriction there is, is what you put in your mouth. Such a week of conscious eating will make you much more aware of what truly nourishing food that doesn’t contain any preservatives or additives taste like and will probably inspire you to take many recipes you have tried out with you once the detox is over. 

So, if you feel a pull but your mind is hesitating, take a deep breath and ask yourself: What is my mind afraid of? Even if you don’t do the detox it’s super interesting to see what comes up. 

We would be honored to navigate this coming week with you, shedding layers, taking good care of ourselves, allowing in the tenderness to let go and come out fresh and revitalized. 


Start your Green Detox

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